6 Unique Features Of A Smart Home

6 Unique Features Of A Smart Home

Technology is already applied to everything that we can have and use from computers, as we all know, every day together with cell phones improve the applications used daily. Houses are not far behind; now, we find smart homes that, at the verbal order of their owners, play music or turn on the lights and perform a series of functions even remotely without having anyone inside.

This happens remotely via the Internet, making your home more friendly to have options when you are away and, for example, to operate your home surveillance system without being present.

A smart home is planned from the very beginning of the architectural project to solve together with the engineers the different systems that are needed to achieve its broadest operation, from lighting, sound, and security to the temperature and other comfort areas of its inhabitants.

In Mexico, although the technology of smart homes is relatively new, you can get companies that offer these services to update us as in other countries where this way of life is already more common, and here from our phones, we can control the television to record our favorite program if he forgot to program it before leaving and open the windows and doors without stepping on the house. The costs will depend on the services they need.

1. What Is A Smart Home?

There are differences between a smart house and a home automation house. In the latter, the person does not interact, but the instructions are programmed for activation at the right time. In the smart house, the person acts with the house through devices and sensors connected to the Internet are capable of performing complex actions automatically, reviewing our habits, creating a network of services that connect around the entire house.

This system allows the kitchen to know what we have in the fridge and recipes where these ingredients are used. In addition to understanding our state of health and knowing what is most convenient for us to eat, they provide us with the recipes of what we are going to cook. On a kitchen surface that weighs the food that we place and gives the specific energy in the part of that surface where the pot is to save energy.

2. Kitchen Lighting And Control System

A vital point in the smart home is the lighting. In addition to controlling them by voice, the lights can choose the color to use. Since it is connected to the smart mirror in our bedroom, we will know our mood through our features and expressions.

The lights can be placed with pre-configured intensity and color according to our moods and feelings. We will decide by sending a message with our phone when they should be turned off. While going to bed, the smart house will place the most convenient light for bedtime, gradually lowering the intensity of the light.

It also controls the sound; it will reduce it to provide the necessary environment and in the bedroom before bedtime. The control of the lighting that will turn on and off according to a programmed schedule the lights of the house will allow having a considerable saving of the expenses of electrical energy in the smart house.

This mirror that we have in the bedroom, just by reflecting our image on it, will give us information on height, weight, percentage of body fat, temperature, hours and type of sleep, and even heart rate.

It also informs us how many calories we should consume if we are overweight, that since everything is connected, the kitchen will be on notice, what foods we have prohibited and how we should prepare them.

This is somewhat challenging for those who like to eat something at midnight and raid the fridge, assuming nobody sees them. The smart house will be there, so if they manage to confuse it, it will accuse them the following day with their partner, or so we imagine

3. Climate Control

In each room, the climate is controlled individually according to the needs of each person. For example, some people are more sensitive to the cold than others, so in the bedrooms, some will prefer 17 ° C and others 20 ° C; also, according to the use and dimensions of each room, climate regulation gives a sense of comfort throughout the smart home.

The thermostat of the house’s cooling system can be manipulated remotely to provide the different environments with the necessary climate, such as giving the temperature that our pets need if we are not at home or the plants we have inside.

You can get up because the ambient music you like started playing to wake you up. The water heater has already been activated so that it has the expected temperature of the bathroom for the whole family and the fact that the room’s temperature was set correctly. The bathroom will have a suitable climate for you to enter.

4. Sun Protection

Solar protection benefits the house’s internal climate, which controls the shade that acts on its facades alleviates the use of refrigeration. This allows a lower consumption of air conditioning and, therefore, electrical energy and a lower amount of your electricity bill.

Blinds will open or close depending on the time and sunlight on the façade and your tastes or needs. In every smart home, just by talking to the blinds, they will obey immediately, pleasing you with total control of the entry of sunlight.

All the innovations applied in a smart home act together to make your life more pleasant just by having them at your fingertips; that is why solar protection control makes the sun warm us more in winter and protects us from its rays. in the middle of summer when the temperature would force us to have higher cooling consumption

5. Audiovisual Services

In general, television audiovisual systems are controlled to your liking and programmed in advance to have the smart home working for you. Background music, lighting, and control of sunlight entry will be an exclusive benefit for those who have a smart home.

You will only have to change your clothes; a robot has not yet been found to dress and bathe us at a low cost; that is what this house would lack. Otherwise, you will feel like you are in your cinema waiting for your favorite movie because of the quality of the sound and setting of its audiovisual services.

This control can be done from your phone without even bothering to get up from the comfortable sofa where you are sitting. The regulation of these technologically intelligent devices will give us the greatest pleasure of using them daily.

6. Alarm System

Now we deal with the security aspect, which is essential for the whole family. In addition to trying to open the garage door with the remote control, the smart home will open it only if it recognizes the face of the driving vehicle.

Additional security allows the identification of the one who arrives to be favorable to enter the house. All areas of the house are monitored, and the installations that are working: electrical, gas, and smoke, warning the inhabitants of any sign of a problem that may arise so that their reaction can be immediate and avoid further damage.

The owners can have control of their house 24 hours a day, even if they are in another city or at work, receiving immediately if a sensor is activated. They get notifications by phone of any contingency that has occurred, having control of the people who can access it or give you access to the house even if you are in another country.

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