Cybersecurity: A Necessity For Companies Of All Sizes

Cybersecurity: A Necessity For Companies Of All Sizes

The last two years have represented the greatest challenge for organizations seeking to safeguard their assets due to the increase in cyber attacks, which put their survival at risk worldwide.

During 2021 a transformation was observed in the way of carrying out cyber attacks, computer criminals took advantage of current issues such as vaccination, elections and remote work to deceive users in order to obtain confidential information, interrupt operations and cause serious financial losses.

Let’s talk a little about the damage caused by cyber attacks during 2021, according to the report “Global Cybersecurity Predictions by Check Point Software Technologies :

  • In 2021, 46% of organizations had at least one employee downloading a malicious mobile app, resulting in 97% of organizations facing mobile threats from multiple attack vectors
  • Globally, in 2021, 1 in 61 organizations was being affected by ransomware every week
  • Penetration tools are the engine behind the most sophisticated ransomware attacks to take place in 2021

It is evident that in the last two years the technological acceleration of companies represented an increase in cyber attacks, since the same report points to new technologies such as Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud as a starting point to carry out cybercrime .

On the other hand, the report emphasizes ransomware attacks , their relevance in the year 2021 and their inevitable prominence for the year 2022

Cybersecurity In Companies

In the current landscape, it is impossible to ignore the damage caused by cybercrime. Although it is true that companies are on a path of digital transformation by implementing new technologies such as automation and data analysis, many of them do not yet realize the importance of having a correct digital security architecture to avoid interruptions in their operation due to cyber attacks.

According to the Infojobs “Cybersecurity Report” , 44% of companies have been victims of a cyberattack in the last year. However, only 17% of workers are aware of having suffered it.

At this time, companies show an interest in anticipating cyber attacks and avoiding the possibility of putting their operations at risk, although there is still a long way to go. According to the study “Cybersecurity in the era of intelligence and an expanding attack surface”, carried out by Harvard Business Review and presented by DXC Technology:

  • More than half of companies (52% of respondents) consider the inability to detect and prevent data theft a high or very high organizational security issue
  • Businesses are also very concerned about insecure networks and software (49%), which can lead to data theft
  • Almost half of the companies consulted (49%) warn of a greater expansion and complexity of the IT network, derived from remote work, which represents an expanding attack surface.
  • Only 34% of respondents say their organizations assess risk and build new security measures whenever they undertake initiatives to expand data collection and use.

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