Cybersecurity Priorities For 2022

Cybersecurity Priorities For 2022

We present statistics from various analysis centers focused on measuring the threats that affected companies and their privacy. Depending on the time of year or the institution that presented them, the numbers varied, but one trend was always present: cybercrime increased indiscriminately since companies began with remote work schemes, and that, in many cases, has remained enabled.

Keeping your distance from working at home is not the problem; cybercriminals saw an opportunity because, in almost all institutions, cybersecurity protocols were non-existent. With the increase in the volume of users, vulnerabilities became more apparent. The consequences of the pandemic took us by surprise, and many fell victim to Phishing, Ransomware, DDoS attacks, Trojans, etc.

Unfortunately, the most significant reason attacks are successful remains human error, so promptly informing contributors has become more critical than ever. We are making the public aware of basic cybersecurity concepts and the necessary solutions to combat latent threats on the Internet.

Next year will be full of challenges to preserve our privacy, but the experience we gain this year will be essential so that failures are not repeated.

Tips And Solutions

Both individual users and business networks have to start reinforcing their cybersecurity seriously to prevent threats that violate institutions together with their collaborators. How do we strengthen ourselves to start the year on the right foot? Below, we list practical tips and first-rate solutions that are necessary if we want to avoid repeating the chaos of early 2020:

  • 100% secure perimeter: When enabling the home office, it is crucial to provide business-use equipment for employees and specify institutional communication platforms to avoid exposing sensitive data by other means. Similarly, if it is within our means, the company’s IT team should help each worker configure their home network to be as secure as possible.
  • Endpoint solutions: The opening to work from home requires that the same company entirely shield the access points to each employee’s information in their daily work. This requires a dedicated Endpoint solution such as Secure MDM or Advanced Cloud Security.
  • Training and filters: The most significant cyber risk for companies is data loss and computer leakage due to ransomware or phishing threats. To combat this, we need to train our employees in such a way as to minimize the possibility of human error. However, we must never abandon solutions that prevent employee exposure. A filter like Alestra’s NG Antispam separates malicious emails, avoiding the entry of Trojans or any infected file.
  • Own knowledge: All companies require effective management of their IT assets by their own IT team or an external team of experts who can assess what is necessary to create a defensive strategy. We offer Vulnerability Management that allows us to know the size of our assets; simultaneously; we make visible all the possible ways an external party could violate them.

Threat Trends For 2022.

Although there are sectors that are more at risk of being attacked than others, such as financial companies or the energy sector, whose violation would result in greater profits for criminals and losses for the general public, it is important to remember that all business sectors are exposed to risks inherent in an internet connection. Cybercriminals do not discriminate against SMEs or businesses in particular. What do we have to keep taking care of this coming year? What means are the most used to harm us?

  • Social Engineering: The reality is that attacks coordinated by individuals with specialized computer skills are in the minority. Manipulation and fraud, known as Social Engineering tactics, are the biggest risk for companies. And although filters or antiviruses are necessary, even more so is education and timely information that prevents this type of deception that depends on the lack of user experience. This includes Phishing and phone scams where criminals pretend to communicate on behalf of an institution we regularly deal with to get the private information they need.
  • Ransomware: The incidence of Ransomware deserves to be mentioned in a separate category. Normally they enter a computer or network through apparently harmless files. This type of malware “hijacks” information contained in computers or servers and then threatens to delete it if the affected party does not pay the responsible cybercriminal. Although they often use Social Engineering tactics to get installed, Ransomware also arrives through careless browsing or downloads. Let’s remember that even in an Office document, functions can be programmed that are downloaded without our consent, so they are much more difficult to avoid than they sound.
  • Sophisticated attacks are the least common, but that does not mean that they do not happen. Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are mostly coordinated against applications or sites for trading and financial transactions, although they are also used against us no matter what we do. If we already have specialized infrastructure, such as “on-premise” servers, or if we hire someone to handle that aspect, it is crucial to be well informed about the level of prevention against attacks of this nature. Solutions such as Clean Pipes or a Managed Firewall cannot be left out of a comprehensive protection plan for such important assets.

All the predictions for 2022 are based on the experiences that this year left us. And while social distancing will eventually be reduced, it has changed the way we work and consume forever, so new safety measures are not a passing necessity. Just as COVID proved that, in many ways, we were not ready to deal with a disease at this level, it also proved that companies were not cyber safe. If the home office stops or cybercrime decreases, it is still necessary to remain vigilant.

Let the lesson be permanent: the dangers exist; we must be ready to prevent them and, if necessary, face them.

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