How To Know If Your Data Center Is Committed To The Planet

How To Know If Your Data Center Is Committed To The Planet

Just as digital solutions have been directly responsible for opening new markets and possibilities in the business landscape, they carry a certain degree of responsibility for those who seek to enjoy these benefits.

In line with this thought, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development urges the ICT sector to adhere to responsible practices and policies in favor of sustainability and a better environment.

Committing to the planet is a relevant issue in the field of business, and below we present the indicators that will reveal whether your Data Center –vital unit whose energy consumption is estimated at 1.12% worldwide– uses practices that use technologies green

Consolidation Of Servers

One of the greatest areas of opportunity for a company moving towards social responsibility lies in simple rearrangements and optimal use of its existing units. In the case of servers, eliminating those that are in disuse or with minimal load provides quick savings on energy issues and, therefore, less impact on the environment.

If this effort is added to maximum efficiency server load optimization together with virtualization and compensation through the Cloud, the ideal conditions are available to seek more specific improvements to the Data Center.

Responsible Cooling

Although the exclusive use of direct expansion refrigeration systems can keep the equipment operating in the optimal temperature range, the energy impact is usually unfavorable when working with the refrigerant.

Supplementing – or in certain designs, completely replacing – such systems with chilled water is a strong indicator of environmental responsibility. The use of heat allows water to be heated, which can later be cooled once more by an absorption system. This allows the Data Center to be cooled without the need to use electricity, thus generating a favorable cycle with lower consumption when compared to conventional techniques.

High Efficiency Power Source

The cost of an optimal source may seem attractive in the short term because it is lower in cost, but its economic and environmental consequences are reflected in the long term. This is due to the fact that the load of the Data Centers usually orbits between 10% and 15%, so a significant portion of energy is wasted before reaching the technological infrastructure.

Therefore, power sources that contemplate this efficiency compensate the higher initial investment with lower capital and operating costs.

Use Of The White Floor

Combining the previous measures with a strategic use of the available space allows for better supervision of operating expenses.

This starts with one display per shelf, contrary to traditional square foot thinking, to offer strategic cooling and use only the power required by the IT machinery.

Energy Management

Focusing solely on performance and operating times contributes precisely to these two indicators being directly affected.

There are currently tools that facilitate this supervision of energy consumption and their contribution is integral to the system by reducing both direct consumption by the Data Center machinery and a reduction in effort by the cooling systems

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