How Deep Learning Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

How Deep Learning Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Deep Learning

There are many ways to successfully carry out a strategy since many tools help it, such as Deep Learning. It is a concept that has come ready to help any digital marketing campaign in many ways. We explain everything you need to know about it.

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a type of machine learning where artificial neural networks that mimic human ones are involved. Let us remember that machine learning or automatic learning is a branch of artificial intelligence where machines can learn without being programmed to do so.

Although Deep Learning seems, a priori, to be a somewhat complex concept, in reality, it is nothing more than equipping a machine with these ANNs or networks of artificial neurons so that it is capable of surpassing human capacities and thus helping in the processing, recognition, data analysis, and predictions. Unlike standard software, in this case, the application learns by repeating trial and error, just as a human would, but much faster.

Deep Learning, then, is the ability that a machine can have to learn without needing a human to supervise and intervene. This is because the device can learn from algorithms and draw conclusions from data.

How Can You Improve A Marketing Strategy With Deep Learning?

Although Deep Learning is a very new concept within digital marketing, as with everything related to artificial intelligence, some of the benefits it would have within a marketing strategy can already be determined:

  • All the reactions that occur in online channels after launching a product could be monitored in real-time.
  • Customer preferences could be analyzed in a much more comprehensive way based on users’ reactions in previous campaigns. With this information, an ad could be targeted to be more effective.
  • At the same time that the users’ preferences are known, it could also be known what strategy to follow so that the users click on a CTA analyzing previous results.
  • Much more precise recommendations could be made to a user.
  • Launch ads retargeting more personalized to capture the attention of users who have previously shown interest in the brand or product it offers.
  • Know the levels of engagement in the different online communication channels and their opinions, concerns, doubts.

With all this information, much more precise and effective marketing strategies can be designed, which would lower costs and increase profits in the company.

The Best Deep Learning Tools

We already know what Deep Learning is, and its benefits within marketing strategy, but how it can be applied can be confusing. Currently, different tools can be used within a digital marketing campaign.


Chatbots are computer programs equipped with artificial intelligence to simulate conversations with people. This type of software uses NLP or Natural Language Processing to learn to interact with users in the most natural way possible despite giving automatic responses. In this way, users will believe that they interact with a person and not with a program. A lot of information about users can be gathered from the questions asked in a chatbot.

Voice Recognition

The voice recognition system can process a voice signal that has been issued by a person, recognizing the information and giving a response. Thanks to voice recognition, the reach of a message can be increased, which means more sales and more users knowing that service or product.

Real-Time Bidding Software (RTB)

This software is used to purchase advertising space. Through Deep Learning, targeted advertising can be done, which can separate users who meet a particular profile from the general public. This allows you to specify much more and target those who are highly interested in the brand and its products or services.

Automatic Translations

This type of Deep Learning allows you to translate a web page to reach more countries and users who speak another language.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, automatic translations have improved, as users can rate the translation and improve it. Based on these assessments and corrections, the software has learned, making it easier for you to understand the text and be much more precise.

These are some of the essential tools available and can be incorporated into a marketing strategy. It is clear that this is only the beginning and that there will be many more tools, which will be more and more precise, which will make a marketing strategy much more manageable and accurate.

What is clear is that thanks to these systems, it is much easier to obtain information, store it and analyze it to predict user behavior and learn about their tastes, behaviors, and preferences.

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