LinkedIn Metrics: The Essential KPIs In Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Metrics: The Essential KPIs In Your Marketing Strategy


LinkedIn metrics are a series of numerical data that provide information about the performance of the company profile on this social network. Knowing this information is essential to determine if a good strategy is being carried out or not and if it is profitable for the brand. So when you make use of LinkedIn Ads, these metrics need to be taken into account to determine the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. But what are the most critical metrics or KPIs on LinkedIn?

Advantages Of Using LinkedIn Ads In Your Marketing Strategies

Having a company profile or page on social networks is key to gaining visibility and reinforcing the brand image, especially on LinkedIn, a social media platform created to contact companies and professionals.

The implementation of LinkedIn Ads can have numerous benefits for a brand, the main one being to be visible to an audience that belongs to a specific target. In other words, LinkedIn Ads allows you to reach professional clients or people who belong to the same sector, the objective being those who can make confident decisions within the company. It is also a way of quickly and easily contacting professionals and industry leaders, finding suppliers, and attracting new professionals to the company.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can also promote products or services, including advertising courses, seminars, or conferences that may interest other professionals. All this to become visible and become, little by little, a benchmark within the sector.

Any action that is carried out can be analyzed later through the integrated statistics, which is where you can obtain that data that will allow you to know if you are carrying out a good strategy or not.

How To Select The KPIs In Your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

Knowing all the data of a LinkedIn Ads campaign is useless if some objectives have not been defined very well beforehand. Based on this, some data will be taken into account more than others.

Three types of campaigns can be distinguished on LinkedIn:

  • Brand Awareness: Its main objective is to gain visibility through impressions, so it will take into account, for example, the number of times an ad appears in the feed or the number of new followers.
  • Perception are those campaigns in which the objective is for the public to carry out a specific action that allows them to know more about the brand. For example, the number of clicks or interactions with the content will be taken into account.
  • Conversion: the objective is to generate contacts so that they are informed at all times of the actions carried out by the brand and participate in them, either by downloading a file or attending a course or conference, among other things.

Knowing the campaign’s objective is a first step to understanding what metric they are the most important and must be analyzed since otherwise, there will be an accumulation of data.

Most Essential Metrics In LinkedIn Ads

If the strategy’s objective is obvious, marketing on LinkedIn, choosing the type of data that should be analyzed and taken into account is much easier. However, some metrics are considered the most important within LinkedIn Ads:

Brand Awareness Metrics

They are those metrics that measure the number of people to whom the ad reaches and determine if the popularity increases, so ad impressions and new followers are taken into account.

Ad impressions refer to the number of times the ad has been shown in the audience’s feed. Usually, for the duration of the advertising campaign, the number of new followers is attributed to it.

Participation Metrics

Participation metrics allow measuring user interaction with advertising campaigns. Usually, the number of clicks on the ad, the number of likes or comments, shares or participation by performing a specific action are taken into account.

Knowing this type of data is very useful to determine the campaign’s effectiveness, since if the ad has many likes or comments but no clicks are obtained, then it does not reach the correct audience, and there could be a segmentation error.

ROI Metrics

ROI metrics or Return on Investment are essential to deciding if you should change your strategy. Here we will consider the advertising expenditure, the CPC or cost per click, the conversion rate, the cost per potential customer. In other words, with this type of metric, you can see if the campaign is profitable or not and, if it is not, take the corresponding measures so that it is.

Relating different types of metrics is key to detecting what is working and what is not. We mean that it is useless to know the ROI metrics without the participation ones. If the benefits are lower than the investment, the clicks obtained, the participation rate, or impressions must be analyzed. However, some marketing metrics will be more critical than others depending on the objectives.

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