Mobile Management Systems In The Warehouse And Retail Supply Chain

Mobile Management Systems In The Warehouse And Retail Supply Chain

Mobile Devices Have Emerged As The Most Crucial Driver Of The Store.

In his article, it is rightly pointed out that through mobile technology, be it a Smartphone or an Android, the customer can absorb product information and share it. The traditional role of the know-it-all expert in the shop could quickly become a relic.

But unlike similar revolutions in retail, the revolution of the traditional role of the in-store expert is empowering them to become a much more vital role. And this role is being supported by the very technology that could be seen as making their current role obsolete: mobile technology.

Today’s traditional in-store expert is becoming a sales management chain expert – mobile – a vital role that provides access to your supply chain at strategic points worldwide.

This ties back to an idea written in the past – detailing how social media, integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), further empowers the brand to become the “know-it-all” friend of the customer. By optimizing the data generated by social media, brands can fill their shelves according to the needs of their customers in real-time. This means that even high-volume retailers can offer the customer a personal relationship, not just in the old-fashioned store we’ve all grown up with.

But even the smallest of traditional stores can regain lost competitive advantage through warehouse-spanning social media and mobile retail supply chain management.

Jordan Colletta, vice president of Customer Technology Marketing at UPS, tells us that mobile apps are designed to give retailers – particularly small businesses that lack large retailers and chains technology assets–the ability to control their supply chains.

“It puts the control in the hands of retailers so they have more information and can execute what they need,” says Colletta. “Suddenly, they have the power of location information and can make sound decisions to keep the business going.”

Of course, one barrier pointed out very well is the need to update the technological infrastructure to accommodate cellular processes. And for many organizations, this means a complete overhaul of retail supply chain and warehouse management software.

The solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX can gain mobile access to inventory processes for putaway, replenishment, reject, and return within the retail supply chain.

But just as we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what mobile can do for retail and warehouse management, mobile access to inventory is just one of the features we build into the solutions—supply chain management to the retailer.

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