Private Cloud Solutions: How To Trust Third Parties

Private Cloud Solutions: How To Trust Third Parties

Years go by in companies, results and data come and go; however, the sum of certain years generates information that at some point will be important to recover, or consult. For that we use solutions in the Cloud 

The dynamism of business is very changeable and, at times, unpredictable, depending on the line of business and the size of the companies. We are aware that there are periods in which data surges are recorded, for example: the information generated during a night sale during the Christmas season or the dates of enrollment in a university, are key points in which a company increases its processing of data, and, in most cases, it happens that the companies are not prepared and the computer equipment or servers are insufficient for the amount of information that is processed.

For this, the alternatives are the order of the day, the issue is: knowing who to trust your information. Regardless of whether a third party safeguards your information with backup solutions , there is a possibility that control of it remains in the hands of the decision maker. A private cloud is ideal for those companies that have an accelerated growth in information.

There are companies that are very aware of the value of information and take action, but many others overlook the problems that a loss of information can generate and, above all, what they are not taking advantage of at the IT level. Technology is at hand, but ignoring what the market offers puts companies one step behind the competitiveness they seek; the lack of clarity and sometimes of an IT department, generates disadvantages and flight of work roles.

It has been identified that an employee can invest 4 to 7 hours a week in IT tasks without having to be an expert in it. Usually an individual in charge of another area knows a little about technology and supports with his knowledge, however, this does not guarantee that he will solve a problem. This translates into a decrease in productivity, and it is natural, given that the work objectives of this person are deviated.

The main need of the company is the control of its information and infrastructure, and the only way to guarantee it is by approaching an IT provider that provides an accurate and personalized diagnosis.

The main points to consider are:

Assess The IT Needs And Scenario Of A Provider

  • IT experts are aware that Cloud Computing is about agility, flexibility and dynamism, therefore, the provider must be able to offer an efficient mechanism to quote and provision the servers that the company requires. Determining who will be supporting with this backup of your information is the fundamental point that will determine that your company generates savings, competitiveness and productivity.

Evaluate The Computer Equipment Or Servers That A Company Has

  • It has been identified that companies bought servers to cover these spikes in information, to later stay as decoration in the office; that is, they were given less use than they could provide. In contrast, there are companies in which their equipment requires more memory or definitely needs to be replaced by new ones. Now you have alternatives where you no longer have to worry about dusting off a server or changing equipment; the infrastructure can be housed in the heart of one of the Data Centers . Adopting cloud hosting with a third party generates between 30 and 45% savings, including factors such as maintenance, energy and personnel. This leads to savings in general.

Preconfigure A Hybrid Cloud

  • A great advantage of a private Cloud is that there is the possibility of connecting to a public one to create a hybrid one. How does this work? Like the case we mentioned earlier, there are spikes in data processing during a business year. The ideal way to prepare for this moment is, precisely, to approach a provider that offers the possibility of connecting to a public Cloud with greater memory and agility.

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