Steps To Create Simplified User Interface Graphics

Steps To Create Simplified User Interface Graphics


A simplified (SUI) graphic is easier to create than you think. We find it easiest to start with a real screenshot and convert it to a simplified graphic. For this, you need a screen capture and image processing software.

You can use Snagit, as it has some crucial features for simplifying the graphics. However, other image processing programs can also be used.

Step 1: Take A Screenshot.

With Snagit, you can take a screen capture of the software and then open it in Notepad to create an SUI graphic. Edit the recording so that there is just the right area in the picture and the desired dimensions.

Step 2: Simplify The Screenshot.

Once the screenshot has been taken, it’s time to simplify the graphic. In this step, all non-relevant menus, buttons, and tool tips are first removed to make the graphic less complicated and reduce it to the essentials. Snagit offers two easy ways to do this with the new Simplify tool.

After selecting the Simplify tool in the formula bar, a selection of graphical elements specifically designed for simplifying screen captures is displayed. The color palette for these elements is automatically generated from the image colors so that everything visually fits together.

The Main Advantages Of SUI Graphics

The two most important advantages of SUI graphics in technical documentation are: First, these graphics break up the instructions visually and make it easier for users to orient themselves. Second, these graphics can minimize the hassle of having to keep updating or localizing screenshots.

Therefore, the integration of SUI graphics should be considered a stylistic device for technical communication. Even a few graphics make a significant difference in quality.

Simplified User Interface Graphics: 3 Examples For Orientation

A simplified User Interface (or SUI) is a design method of simplifying complex user interfaces.

SUI graphics are all the rage and are being used more in technical documents and marketing materials. These simple and reusable images are important elements for efficient visual communication.

Today we’ll show you some perfect examples of SUI graphics and why these simplified representations are so popular with content teams in many different fields.

Slack: Onboarding With SUI Graphics

Signing up for a product or service should be easy and, most importantly, fast. If the process is too complicated or confusing, customers will abandon it and seek other alternatives. For this reason, companies must make the login workflow simple and clear.

Slack solves these tasks very masterfully in the entire onboarding workflow.

The information required for registration is obtained in individual, easily understandable steps. In addition, the individual steps in onboarding are accompanied by SUI graphics. The graphics provide context without confusing details, and the viewer can use the graphics to orient themselves.

Bluebeam: SUI For Video Content

Simplified user interfaces don’t have to be limited to just images. Videos with SUI graphics are particularly efficient formats. Bluebeam visualizes the basic concept of a special cloud storage solution in a simple but very effective way.

If viewers find a product, process, or service too complicated, they will look elsewhere. The faster the desired result can be visualized; the more likely viewers will stay with you.

Conductor: SUI For A Service Offering

When the interface of a product or service offering is simplified, its message comes through better.

When it comes to marketing, potential customers should never be unsettled. By simplifying complex surfaces, you ensure that your advertising message is the center of attention. In this way, the product’s main functions can be shown without overwhelming the viewer with all the details.

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