Everything You Need To Know About Trust://Browser_Enable

Everything You Need To Know About Trust://Browser_Enable

How To Enable Trust Wallet On Browsers – Decentralized Apps (DApps) And Web 3.0

Have you found trust://browser_enable (Trust Browser Enable process) a laborious process when it comes to having it done on your mobile phones? I’m sure the reply will be in affirmative. But before we answer why it is a difficult or tedious process, we need to figure out some of the terms to understand their basics.

What Are Trust Wallets?

Trust Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet application, which is decentralized and also non-custodial in nature. Trust wallet helps the users to have complete control over digital assets like Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Trust wallet gives access to over 4.5 million crypto assets and supports 65 blockchains. Binance official crypto currency wallet is Trust Wallet.

Key Feature Of Trust Wallet

  • Most wallets support only ERC-20 tokens while Trust Wallet covers multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Trust Wallet is for free and is not required to be subscribed. But you might need to pay the network fee, which may depend on the traffic on the network
  • You can buy, sell or store Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Easy inter-wallet transfers can be undertaken using Trust Wallets

The Difference Between Web 2.0 And Web 3.0

The web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are founded on similar technologies but have approaches the content differently. Web 2.0 treats reading and writing content effectively, whereas the role of Web 3.0 is predominantly on enhancing cybersecurity with focus on technology facilitating information interchange.

Web 2.0 desires to connect people while Web 3.0 adds and combines this data meaningfully with higher trust. This is due to decentralization, which happens to be the core of Blockchain.

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

Decentralized apps (DApps) are digital progams and applications that run and execute on a blockchain network of computers instead of a single computer. DApps are mostly built on Ethereum platforms and are developed for social media, gaming or finance purposes. Since DApps run on a wide distributed network of computers they fall outside the jurisdiction of a single authority (computer)

Some Practical Uses Of DApps Include:

  • Financial services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Money Markets

Trust Wallets And Its Relation With DApps And Web 3.0

If you have gotten the above facts of the terms listed, then it is simpler to get across the point of enabling Trust wallet on browers and DApps.

DApps and Web 3.0 protects the anonymity of the internet users apart from providing more security. However, you can’t access these apps or platforms on the Web 2.0 (normal web browsers). Trust wallet thus becomes the app that helps you run the DApps or Web 3.0 platform through the ‘Trust browser enable’ process.

How To Install Trust Wallet On Your Mobile Device

  • Visit the Trust Wallet App download page

Download Trust Wallet

  • Download the Trust Wallet App on your mobile device
  • Install the downloaded Trust Wallet App on your smartphone mobile

Install Trust Wallet App

  • Please back it up after the installation. The 12 word recovery seed phrase may be noted down for future reference.

Back up 12 word seed phrase

  • Begin using the Trust wallet

How To Enable DApp Browser On Trust Wallet: Android

The trust://browser_enable procedure on Android mobiles is simpler. The Android devices have built in DApp browser and you can have it enabled in a few minutes. All you require to do is to make a few changes in the ‘preference’ setting of the Trust Wallet App and the trust enable browser procedure begins.

Steps To Enable The Trust Browser On An Android Device

  • Install the Trust Wallet Application as per the procedure given earlier
  • Open the Trust Wallet App
  • Now, go to the settings menu at the bottom right corner of the app

Trust Wallet Settings

  • Select the option ‘Preferences’ from the menu

Trust Wallet Preferences

  • Select the DApp browser appearing on the next page

Select DApp Browser

  • Push the ‘Enable’ button to turn it on and press the ‘ON’ button.

Enable DApp Browser

  • And that’s done. The DApp browser is enabled on your Android device
  • To begin using the app, select the browser icon displayed at the footer menu.

DApps on the footer

How To Enable Trust Browser On An iOS Mobile Device: Launching The DApp Browser

The trust://browser_enable process on iOS is different from the Android. The procedure is extensive but achievable nevertheless. Please follow the steps given below for enabling the trust browser on iOS device

There are two procedures for enabling the DApp on the iOS device.

Procedure 1: Launching The DApp Browser

Flow steps for trust://browser_enable

Step 1

Begin by opening the Safari browser on the iOS mobile. It is seen that safari is a safe browser in comparison to other browsers. It is known that many users have found chrome browser having trouble opening the relevant pages on Trust Wallet. Search for Safari browser and click to open.

Safari Browser

Step 2

After the safari browser is launched on the iOS, take the cursor to the search bar at the very top of the page

Step 3

In the search bar type trust://browser_enable or copy the URL as per your convenience and press enter

Step 4

After executing the step 3 with trust://browser_enable as the URL, the pop up appears asking if you’d like to use the website in trust mode.

Open in Trust Mode

Step 5

In order to access the Trust Wallet, click on ‘Open’ and avoid the ‘cancel’ operation. If you do wish to abort then go ahead and press ‘cancel’.

Step 6

The Trust Wallet page opens on the iOS device and you will see that the DApp browser and the decentralized apps are enabled.

Step 7

The decentralized apps can now be accessed on the DApp browser mentioned as ‘browser’ on the icon

Step 8

The DApp browser can be launched by clicking on the ‘browser’ placed in the menu bar. This will allow you to choose from the distributed and in-built apps.

Pancake Swap

For example, if you wish to use ‘PancakeSwap’ or ‘Uniswap Exchange’ you just need to tap on one of them for accessing.  

Caveat: If the browser icon is not displayed, it means that the DApp browser isn’t enabled and you will have to repeat the entire procedure again or opt from the procedure 2

How To Use The Exchange After “Trust Enable Browser”

After the desired DApp is chosen, it will enable you to swap your tokens in exchange. The Trust Wallet needs to be connected to the exchange for this to be undertaken.

Pancake and trust wallet

Procedure 2: Enabling DApp through Pancake Swap

There is another process for enabling the DApp based browser on the iOS mobile, if you are having trouble with the first procedure.

Let’s look at it in detail.

Step 1

Please visit the official website of Pancake Swap. You can do it with any of the two browsers either safari or chrome

Step 2

After this is done, tap on the ‘Connect’ button that is seen on the top right corner of the screen.

Pancake Connect

Step 3

After clicking on the ‘Connect’ button, a page will pop-up with a list mentioning ‘connect to a wallet’. The different crypto wallets are listed here for you to establish a connection. Click on ‘WalletConnect’ from the list displayed.

Click Wallet Connect

Caveat: The option to choose “Trust Wallet” may also crop up but do not select it at this stage or else it will lead to error.

Do not click on Trust Wallet

Step 4

After you click on ‘WalletConnect’, there will be another pop-up with a different list. This list will have all the wallets that you can connect with. Please find ‘Trust’ and click on it to move ahead with ‘Trust Browser Enable’.

Connect Trust Wallet

Step 5

Another pop up will be seen asking for your confirmation to continue or not. Click on ‘Open’ for moving further.

Open in Trust Wallet

Step 6

After the completion of step 5, a page will be displayed with a ‘connect’ button at the bottom. It is recommended that you re-do all the steps again mentioned in this procedure, if you cannot find the ‘connect’ button.

Select Connect at the bottom

Step 7

Clicking on the ‘Connect’ button will make the Pancake Swap DApp enabled on your Trust Wallet.

Closing Comments

The different methods are enumerated above for enabling the DApp browser with Trust Wallet. However, you must have noticed that enabling the Trust Browser is easier on the Android device as compared to the iOS.

Both the procedures mentioned for the iOS device can be utilized but with certain precautions (caveats) as aforementioned.

Few More Questions Answered About Trust://browser_enable

  • Is Apple against the use of DApps?

There is no official correspondence from Apple regarding the installation of DApps on iOS devices. However, there are strict guidelines from Apple which may not be adhered by DApps. The protocols used by Apple are stringent and require complete adherence.

  • How fast can the DApps browser be enabled on Android?

Android can enable trust://browser_enable very swiftly without any hassle as explained in this post.

  • How safe is Trust browser enable?

The trust Browser Enable works in a safe environment and maintains anonymity between users and raising the security levels. The safety is predominant since it is a Web 3.0 browser

  • Is it possible for Trust Wallet to be hacked?

It will take a very sharp hacker to hack Trust Wallet due to its security features. The coins are invariably protected and even if the Trust Wallet is hacked, without the private keys, your coins remain intact.

  • Is Trust Wallet better than MetaMask

After all the debate, it is quite a surety that Trust Wallet is indeed better than MetaMask. The reasons are that Trust Wallet supports variety of cryptocurrencies, it is available on more platforms and has a built-in exchange feature and finally Trust Wallet is an open source project.

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