Video Marketing Like The Pros: 11 Tips For Better Videos

Video Marketing Like The Pros: 11 Tips For Better Videos

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What do best YouTubers do? How do they become famous? Millions of people subscribe to their channels to regularly receive the latest videos from these homemade stars. What is the recipe for the success of these and other Internet greats, and how can you use this for your image films as part of your video marketing strategy?

Let’s discuss the practical tips and useful information to help you start video production and pave the way for viral marketing.

1. Nervousness Is Normal

Especially in the corporate sector, the fear of getting started is often significant. What if my image film is not perfect? How can I be sure that my video advertising resonates with my target groups?

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous when venturing into new territory. But it would help if you didn’t let that hold you back. Think about the benefits your business can gain from video marketing or even viral marketing (when your video goes viral on social media). The possibilities to reach new target groups quickly dispel your doubts.

Often the biggest obstacle is the reluctance to appear in a video yourself – whether on camera or audio. Tip: Keep in mind what interests viewers.

What ultimately matters is how you can help your audience. Take yourself completely out of the equation. Don’t worry about how you look or sound. Instead, focus on how you can add value to the people watching your video.

Another obstacle is uncertainty. I keep hearing from people that they don’t know where to start. Getting started is child’s play: All you have to do is press a button on your mobile phone!

Everything else – video editing, graphic extras, etc. – is the icing on the cake. With every business video you produce, your technique will improve, and you will see the process become smoother and smoother over time.

2. Planning Makes Perfect (Even With Live Recording)

You have overcome yourself to tackle your first image film. However, that doesn’t mean that you should spontaneously press the record button and happily start filming. Invest the time to plan your video production. Your goal is to convey precise information to your viewers concisely and straightforwardly, and the motto is short and sweet.

It’s best to write one script, which will guide during recording. It doesn’t have to be detailed – just a few bullet points that will ensure you don’t forget any important details or get too off-topic.

This preparation will help you approach your video with more confidence. If you plan ahead of time what you’re going to do and what you’re going to say, you can communicate more effectively. Make sure you keep your audience in mind and tailor your content to their needs.

3. Practical Tool: The Mobile Phone

One of the most common misconceptions about video production is needing an expensive special camera. In truth, so does a smartphone. Many successful product videos have been filmed with a cell phone, and the always-on camera is also suitable for other video content marketing content.

“The other day, my father called me and asked what a good digital camera would be for him. I said: Your mobile phone!” I said. “Sometimes we forget how much power is in our phones… the iPhone X shoots in 4K at 60 frames per second – amazing!”

Of course, if you already have an expensive SLR lying around at home, corporate videos offer an excellent opportunity to give it a decent job. But don’t waste your time worrying about pro gear. The most important thing is getting started with your video marketing strategy.

4. The Right Staging

The perfect light is very crucial for makeup tutorials. Whether image film or explanatory video, make sure you always literally appear in the best light with your video advertising.

One of the most critical aspects of the video is connecting with viewers. They want to see you, look you in the eye, and get to know you better. The lighting plays a vital role in this.

I prefer nature as a light source for video marketing on YouTube, and I believe that natural light is one of the best light sources. On the other hand, I work with studio lighting in my office, and two semi-professional lights cost around 75 US dollars (approx. 68 euros).

So you see, even on a budget, you can get one good light quality that can be achieved.

5. Attention To The Audio

Video is primarily a visual medium. As a result, less attention is paid to audio quality. Avoid this mistake!

When you think about video as a beginner, the last thing on your mind is probably the sound – it plays a big part in how the video feels overall! That’s why it’s really important to pay attention and make sure it reinforces the user experience you’re aiming for with your video.

A good microphone is a prerequisite if you want to run video advertising. Provided the environment is correct – a small room with a carpet, curtains, a bookshelf, and pictures on the wall is ideal – your phone’s built-in microphone can do the trick. Otherwise, the experts recommend using an external microphone. It doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, even under 100 euros powerful microphones to have.

6. The Background As A Trademark

The choice of your background says more about you than you think. When shooting, surround yourself with elements representing your brand or what you stand for, and don’t unnecessarily distract. Some videos are known for their bookshelves, which are filled with pops of bright pink and gold— creator’s trademark colors.

When deciding on a background, keep factors like your mission, industry, etc., in mind. A cozy setting should match your personality, but a sober background representing the brand with a logo for a business might be a better option.

The background must represent your brand – who are you, and how do you reach your viewers?

If you regularly create product videos or produce a series of explainer videos, a consistent background creates visual context and helps reinforce your image.

7. Video Marketing Is Not A Random Experiment.

Video content marketing does not mean shooting a video here and there on a whim. Make an effort to regularly release new films that fit into an overall concept and have a consistent style. This is the only way to expand and retain your audience successfully.

When you periodically produce consistent content of a similar nature under similar circumstances, you give your audience a reason to come back and create an identifier.

I advise viewing the video channel as a blog that needs to be updated regularly with new content. “Write down 50 headlines. If you can’t get 50 headlines together, you don’t have a blog. You have the desire to create a blog. But that’s not the same.”

8. Consistency Through The Video Editing

Consistency is reflected in the font, the colors, and the visual elements. Such character is essential to increase the recognition factor.

The trick for a uniform appearance begins even before the actual video shoot – with a script. Here is the recipe for success:

  • Your videos start with a hook, a score, and maybe a review, so people immediately know what to expect.
  • The following are critical points on the topic that offer the viewer added value.
  • A call-to-action is placed at the end.

We can also ensure consistent video editing by following this script with every video.

Also, appreciate the editing step. The goal is not to unnecessarily take up viewers’ time- which is why crop videos rigorously. Cut out every second in which you are only breathing.

To ensure the consistency of your video appearance, a good video editing program is essential. With Camtasia, you can make film cuts and custom ones create schemes to set elements like font, brand colors, and logos. This accelerates the editing process and ensures a uniform brand perception.

9. No Video Just In Case

Even if it saves time, it’s not a good idea to publish a video unaltered to multiple channels. What inspires on Instagram can flop elsewhere.

A video made for YouTube may not perform well on Facebook. That doesn’t mean you have to make a whole new video every time. But you have to tailor it to user expectations.

Often this requires some editing. A five-minute YouTube video can be clipped to a 30 to 60-second clip reduced, published on Facebook, and drives traffic to your YouTube channel.

Take the time to adapt your videos to each platform, and be strategic. For example, a video clip on social media can link to a blog article or a landing page on your website. There the visitor is made aware of your product or service offer.

It’s essential to keep your audience’s usage habits in mind and create tailored content.

10. Brevity Is The Spice.

Human attention span is not what it used to be. Stimuli compete for our interest, and it is always better to get to the point as quickly as possible when in doubt.

Efficiency and relevance are significant. If your business creates video content, you must realize that some viewers may never have heard of you and haven’t bonded with you yet. So you need to deliver your content as efficiently as possible.”

To find out what’s best for your audience and industry, you may need to experiment a bit. If the content is good, viewers will stay – but you have to test that.

11. Stimulate Interest With Titles And Thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails give Internet users a first impression of you and arouse interest in your video. Therefore, they should be designed as attractively as possible.

I recommend always providing text thumbnails, although this does not necessarily correspond to the title. The rule here is: less is more.

Your winning formula is a maximum of three to four words in large, bold text. To increase recognition, make sure brand colors are recognizable in the thumbnails. Almost all the thumbnails should show in the profile. Studies show that people are more likely to click on thumbnails that show a face.

YouTubers admit that it takes some time to develop an original style, too. Try different things and see what gets your videos the most clicks.

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