What Is Exponential Technology And How Does It Affect Us?

What Is Exponential Technology And How Does It Affect Us?

In 1969, the founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, formulated his famous Moore’s Law, which at the time was a simple assumption based on the technological growth seen up to that year, but which, over time, ended up defining the tendency of certain technologies to grow exponentially. . “The cost of computing capacity will decrease by half every 18 months”, with these words he predicted the trend that led us to the present, where an average Smartphone has a higher computing capacity than what was used at the time for it. The human being reached the Moon for the first time.

Computer science, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and neuroscience are those currently known as exponential technologies, because they have faithfully followed Moore’s Law to this day. Used as tools to solve humanity’s biggest problems, these technologies have found developments that have changed the way we communicate, health systems, and even our most basic customs. Within a few years we will be so far along that, just as the team that landed humanity on the moon couldn’t imagine what it’s like today, we can’t even begin to figure out where we go from here. Are all exponential leads good? Are there risks to moving so fast in innovation?

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Not only can each exponential technology be vastly beneficial, experts in each field often work together to help keep the pace of innovation. “We are at the beginning of an unprecedented technological revolution that will transform our lives in ways that are difficult to imagine. Companies in the field of health, automotive or even finance, are achieving great advances such as the development of smart materials or devices with atomic precision”

In this way, the drone originally started as an unmanned aerial vehicle for military purposes, and combining with other exponential scopes became a delivery man, cameraman and even a simple toy. In the same way, computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence pose the resolution of multidisciplinary problems that they frequently manage to solve together to increase their individual advances at the same time.

Telecommunications are an excellent example to see the wide spectrum in which an exponential technology can develop, because with 5G that is so close to being implemented, we will witness an exponential advance that already represents the fifth generation since the original invention.

Its benefits are many and well documented, usually focused on the speed it will bring, making it a technology whose usefulness we have not yet finished predicting. From autonomous vehicles to augmented reality, the level of connection brought by 5G is revolutionary in a way few things ever are.

However, experts have an obligation to regulate advances like this, as too many people believe that “any innovation can offer the world a better, more connected and equitable place to live” [3] without thinking about implementing any type of control. The dangerousness of monumental advances introduced suddenly and without any security or prior analysis is not a situation of the distant future, on the contrary, the consequences of doing so are well documented in Myanmar and many other countries. In the case of this nation, after a military dictatorship that prohibited the Internet, it suddenly entered the country thanks to Facebook, and without any regulation, it began to distribute access with phones that already had the platform installed from the factory.

Facebook is no stranger to misinformation on its platforms or massive data leaks that have led to a handful of controversies over the problems and benefits of unregulated connection, but in this case it’s a withering example of that duality of communication. exponential technology: extremely good and dangerous at the same time.

Examples of both cases, good and bad, can be listed by hundreds of pages, but the point is made in a short time: cybersecurity, regulation, technological education and all the organizations that have the Social  as their objective must move at a speed exponential in themselves to be able to stay up to date, keeping exponential technologies as what they should be, marvelous advances that solve humanity’s biggest problems. 

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