What You Need To Know About Chatbots

What You Need To Know About Chatbots


When integrated into your business, a chatbot can be a considerable time and money saver. Many marketing managers are recommending its integration into the digitization strategy, and its use is so widespread that most Internet users have related to one at some point.

But what exactly is a bot? How can it be integrated into the company to optimize its operations? And how long does it take to integrate these systems?

What Is A Bot

Internet 2.0 was called the web application that allowed bidirectional communication. A site administrator uploaded content to the Web and allowed users to interact with it. However, the user-server interaction on Internet 2.0 is limited to facilitating certain functions and allowing the Internet user to communicate with other site users.

When these interactive applications take the next step, they start using artificial intelligence solutions. It happens with the bots, computer programs prepared to perform a function autonomously. Now the user interacts with other humans and with the website itself.

Artificial intelligence allows the bot to adapt with some ease to each of the situations it has to face. For example, one appsmart of reservation of restaurants can recommend another nearby destination if it foresees rains, or if the valuation of the place you thought to go has decreased.

In the case of chatbots, their function is to emulate a human conversation, and therefore communicative frameworks vary with each interaction. Its main advantages are the speed and the growing closeness of its use. Speed because the standard Internet user wants their needs to be solved almost immediately. A couple of seconds more when finding a solution to a search can lead the user to use the competition’s service. And closeness because big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are improving this technology so much that there are currently bots that almost look like humans.

Some Examples Of Chatbots In Use

Communication bots can be integrated into the company’s operations in many ways. For example, Twitter has a straightforward one that alerts users when an earthquake is detected.

Some companies integrate more complex applications. In this line, Facebook allows some automatic messages to be predetermined in its chat. This service is aimed at companies and enables potential clients to obtain an automatic response when they have specific questions.

The world & ACE newspapers use a Google Assistant bot that allows the user to search for news of interest. The same platform uses Parclick, a parking search application that helps users through a real conversation.

Thus, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Slack are the designers to turn to if a bot with these characteristics is needed.

Should These Apps Be Integrated Into The Company’s Digitization Strategy?

Like other tools, the use of bots depends on each company’s objectives and the modus operandi. For example, some entrepreneurs consider that communication with robots is still too cold and prefer to invest in staff to answer calls and emails. Nevertheless, rapid advances in artificial intelligence make these apps more natural and close.

On the other hand, installing these apps allows the company to automate much of the customer service process. In addition, the bots are capable of using techniques of upselling and cross-selling. Thanks to this, the use of these tools is becoming more frequent in the digitization strategy of many companies.

How Does A Chatbot Work?

Until recently, chatbots followed a pre-designed conversation tree. The programmer established a series of questions and answers; the program advanced between its options depending on previous decisions of the user. In other words, a classic bot works like those “choose your own adventure” books. However, the integration of artificial intelligence solutions has introduced a new world of possibilities to conversational systems.

Currently, the machine can determine contextual elements, interpreting the user’s intentions according to the moment of the conversation in which he is. This allows the bot to make recommendations of interest to the user and move between various contexts to make the conversation more natural and fluid. In addition, it is expected that applying the principles of machine learning makes the conversations more and more faithful and useful for the user.

In short, this design puts an end to the mechanical conversations that made many entrepreneurs inclined not to install a bot on their website. Also, developers lately perceive each page of a website as a conversational element of the bot. The sites thus configured would be navigable from the chatbot without menus or visual displays. If this trend solidifies, the bot will probably represent the new way of browsing the Web.

Voice Search And Personal Assistants

The future for chatbots is auspicious. All studies indicate that voice search is a rising trend. It is estimated that this way of using search engines will account for 50% of Internet searches in a couple of years. This presents an opportunity for voice-operated bots. For example, you can search for tourist information out loud while driving thanks to them. Or check out a recipe and its variations as it cooks.

Currently, work is being done on tools that utilize this type of technology. For example, Google smart speakers (Google Home) take advantage of the voice search of the Google Assistant system to offer information to the user. In addition, this type of tool uses interconnection protocols to interact with other devices. So they have the features of a personal assistant, providing updated information and controlling the background music, lighting or agenda.

Business Use Of These Applications

Of course, these functionalities can be oriented to the company’s management. So chatbot could manage order shipment, the order from the warehouse, or hiring a service. Integrating a bot in the company’s ERP would allow all functions to be carried out through voice commands. In addition, if user profiles were established as manager-client, the company’s users would be able to contract through voice commands or chat conversations.

On the other hand, one of the most common uses of chatbots is to boost sales. Thanks to the fact that conversations of the robot are becoming more natural, these systems allow the user to guide the purchase. Some of the most widespread features include recommending products and services and their comparisons.

Another use of this technology is Customer Support. Bots are especially interesting when answering questions and collecting complaints and suggestions. Of course, most users still prefer to have another human being handle their claim. However, users react very well when the robot is limited to facilitating their purchase or answering frequent questions.

To take advantage of both models, many companies combine robots and humans. The robot receives the call or notification and manages the process while it can. However, a human technician comes into play if a critical element is reached.

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Analytical Advantages Of Bots

The use of bots also has certain advantages at analytical tools. Most of these systems allow readings of how many times each message has been displayed or, in the case of including links and buttons, how many times the user has clicked. This allows you to gradually improve the system design while offering relevant information on how the Internet user relates to the corporate site.

In addition, the bots present functionality that occurs in search engines and that only attentive administrators take advantage of. When a user performs an unsuccessful search, they point to a business opportunity. So by analyzing the behavior of its bot, a company can detect usage patterns of its potential customers that might recommend new ways of working or new services.

How Much Does It Cost To Integrate The Bot Into The Organization

The current state of technology allows any website or e-commerce site administrator to set up their robotic assistant in a few hours. Although, of course, everything will depend on the functions that will be entrusted to him. A bot configured for an afternoon can take care of essential functions such as collecting information, suggesting products or services, conducting searches on the Internet or the corporate page, and resolving frequently asked questions.

If you want the robot to include an interconnection with other applications or solutions, computer skills and a little more time will be needed.

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One More Step In The Digitalization Of The Company

In short, installing a chatbot that collects orders does not cost more than a few hours, increasing the effectiveness of the company, so these solutions must be taken into account in the digital transformation of the company.

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