Will 3D Printing Affect ERP Manufacturing Systems?

Will 3D Printing Affect ERP Manufacturing Systems?

Many manufacturers are already using 3D printers in their processes. They apply this technology in the field of research and development and develop prototypes. 3D printers have traditionally made parts out of plastic, but now, for less than $1,500, they can do it out of metal. Pieces like these will soon be produced as ordinary, everyday; in short, 3D printing will become an element present in everyday life.

This presents immediate opportunities not only in terms of manufacturing but also for spare parts and repairs. Instead of having stock available, parts can be printed when needed. This is very attractive in industries like oil or gas, where space to hold inventory is limited.

The big question is how to adapt/adopt 3D printing from a business management perspective within a software application? ERP? Here are some ideas:

  • Serialization will be an essential element because 3D printing will bring new risks to intellectual property.
  • This manufacturing method will be possible to “replicate” an article and product faster since no type of tools are necessary.
  • This implies that it will be challenging to identify which products are original and not, both for the users who buy them and for the companies or manufacturers when offering a guarantee.
  • All manufacturers using 3D printing will need to support it in their ERP manufacturing software.
  • It will be more important than ever to keep records of all the components of each item or part. Although spare parts stocks may be reduced, the business application will need sufficient forecasting functionality to determine the number of raw materials consumed over a period of time and the usage of the 3D printer.

Therefore, 3D printers will impact many areas of the company. Today we have alluded to some changes that these will bring with them but surely, as they are installed gradually and daily, many more will emerge, and we will discover them little by little.

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