AI And The Cloud: The Keys To Business Innovation

AI And The Cloud: The Keys To Business Innovation

A company with technology increases its value exponentially. Decision makers today know that without the necessary technology tools to get the job done, their productivity and profitability are compromised.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the cloud are now the perfect resources to achieve this and guide companies towards digital transformation.

You will surely remember that the use of the cloud was a practice conceived as dangerous for critical assets, while Artificial Intelligence was perceived as unassertive. However, in today’s digital age, these technologies are synonymous with agility, intelligent automation, and productivity.

At this time, AI is the future of the use of data and technological solutions based on the study and analysis of information, to speed up intelligent decision-making.

More and more sectors take advantage of this technology in their favor: from education, to government and from manufacturing, to online commerce; being AI, the main enabler of digital platforms.

On the other hand, the cloud represents the scalability and flexibility that hybrid working requires. Organizations are basing their strategies on cloud platforms, due to the operational capacity it provides to users, as well as the high levels of security it offers.

There is no doubt, both technologies are essential for organizations that want to stand out in the market and increase their efficiency, but imagine what they can do together. Keep reading.

AI And Cloud: A Foolproof Combination

The new work modalities have reconfigured the strategies of decision makers, which are oriented towards the adoption of technologies where AI and the cloud stand out.

According to the analysis firm IDC, analytics, cloud and artificial intelligence will grow in double digits this 2022.

Aware of this, cloud service providers prioritize the implementation of machine learning models in their clouds, with which they could provide high performance and availability to their customers. Can you find the relationship? The cloud needs new capabilities and Artificial Intelligence needs a space with high backup capabilities.

Below, you will discover some more relevant use cases that we know will greatly impact organizations in the future.

  • Public clouds innovate with AI chips and infrastructure options.
  • Cognitive services innovate through voice, language to analyze feelings and question and answer services, which are used through chatbots .
  • Document processing products advance and offer machine learning for general file processing, through AI.

These new approaches invite us to think about the immediate future, where machine learning is part of cloud services to become a fully sophisticated and advanced one, allowing organizations to take full advantage of it.

The challenge continues, and organizations must enable all their capabilities to be competitive and continue to be the leading players in the market, which is why the adoption of AI and the cloud are strategic points to reinvent themselves and prepare for the new technological challenges that are coming in the next few years.

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