AI Builder: Low-Code Models Of Artificial Intelligence

AI Builder: Low-Code Models Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives, from the moment we access our smartphone using fingerprint or facial recognition, when using Google Maps or when we check the weather forecast. AI has great potential for transformation, both from a technological, economic and social point of view, and is currently revolutionizing all markets around the world. 

One of the newest additions to the Microsoft AI portfolio is AI Builder, a new Power Platform capability that provides AI templates designed to optimize business processes without writing code. AI Builder is built on Azure technology and uses AI and Machine Learning to create applications with Power Apps and easily automate and simplify processes with Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents in a much more intelligent and effective way.

Machine Learning is a discipline in the field of Artificial Intelligence that, through w2, provides computers with the ability to identify patterns or trends in massive data and make predictions. The novelty lies in the fact that this technology has now been democratized and is accessible to all users without the need for a technical profile. It is divided into 3 different categories:

  • Supervised learning: These algorithms have prior learning based on a system of labels associated with data that allow them to make decisions or make predictions.
  • Unsupervised learning: These algorithms do not have prior knowledge, that is, they face large volumes of data with the aim of finding patterns within massive data that allow them to be organized and make sense of them
  • Learning​ by effort​: Its objective is that an algorithm learns from its own experience. In other words, to be able to make the best decision in different situations according to a trial and error process in which correct decisions are rewarded. ​

Demo: Creating A Model With Lobe

In Power Platform we have at our disposal a wide variety of pre-built services that allow us to make use of Artificial Intelligence quickly and easily without the need to create specific algorithms. For example, the supervised image classification service allows you to tag images based on their content. In AI Builder there are two types of service, one that can be shaped according to our preferences and another with algorithms already trained and defined by Microsoft.

Lobe is a tool recently created by Microsoft as an extension or add-on to the Power Platform. It allows you to create classification models to work with algorithms and later export them to the Power Platform. In this sense, we have created a Power App with AI Builder with the Lobe tool aimed at identifying and classifying different breeds of dogs through images.

Use Cases

  • Equipment Analytics: Monitor analog meters and equipment to provide digital readings, automation, and real-time analytics
  • Aerial Imagery: Monitor aerial imagery and gain insight into macro-level changes occurring around the world.
  • Scientific research: Detection of organisms under a microscope to help researchers analyze large numbers of scientific samples.
  • Smart checkout: Recognition of the different types of products helping to go through the checkout more quickly without having to remember the barcodes.
  • Sanitary Control: Control when certain regulations and protocols are used correctly to help promote proper safety precautions.
  • Fire monitoring: Detection of smoke and flames using remote cameras to help detect new wildfires before it is too late.
  • Detection of defects: In forged documents, in liquids, in electrical connections, in the assembly of products, in constructions…
  • Medical diagnosis: Detection of wounds or skin defects, tumors or anomalies from X-rays…
  • Counting of people (capacity), cars (roads), products (warehouse, linear), animals (livestock)…
  • Text recognition: Identification of symbols or characters and convert them into data.
  • Surveillance: Monitoring of intruders, analysis of road traffic, detection of license plates…
  • Guided tours: Tourist or interest information based on a photograph.

AI Builder is a great Power Platform tool that puts within our reach something as complex as Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence services. In record time and without having an expert profile in programming language, it is possible to create and develop personalized applications as powerful as these.

Gain agility and precision to simplify processes in your company and take advantage of the highest value opportunities with the latest generation of Microsoft technology.

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