Best Platforms To Create A Free Blog In 2022

Best Platforms To Create A Free Blog In 2022

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The blog is one of the most used web pages in content marketing since it allows users to learn more about the brand, generates web traffic, helps to position it in search engines. However, creating it from scratch can cause certain doubts, such as which platform to use.

To help you choose the place to create a blog, we explain the best free platforms you can use for it.

Benefits Of Creating A Blog For Your Content Strategy

For a brand, there are numerous benefits of having a blog where you can develop a good content strategy:

  • Improve the positioning of the web: Any brand wants to appear among the first results of a search engine. For this to be possible, it is necessary to create quality content optimized for SEO. Of course, always related to the sector to which the company belongs.
  • Makes the brand a benchmark within the industry: Creating quality content is a way to get the public to start seeing the brand as a benchmark within the sector to which it belongs and an expert on the subject.
  • It is a way to increase trust towards the brand: Being among the first results of a search engine is a way for the public to trust the brand more.
  • It serves to create a community around the brand: The blog is a way of communicating with the public, whether they are clients or not, and it is also a way of listening to opinions, concerns, doubts. Since users can leave their comments at the end of each publication.
  • Increase web traffic: The blog is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of visits to the website. Users arrive at the publication after doing an internet search, and, from there, they jump to the main site.
  • It is a way to get clients: When the content is excellent and exciting, readers can become leads, which can become clients later.
  • It can be beneficial to differentiate yourself from the competition: You can enhance the brand’s strengths and creatively highlight them through the blog.
  • The content can be shared on social networks: When you create content regularly for the blog, it can be used to make posts on social networks and take advantage of linking to the article.

In addition to all these advantages, creating content for a blog is cheaper than advertising, both online and offline, so having it becomes practically essential for any brand. Of course, it is vital that everything published is of quality, or it could cause the opposite effect.

Platforms To Create A Free Blog

If a blog is already cheaper than many other marketing strategies, some platforms allow you to create it for free. These are the best options:


WordPress is the CMS most popular since you can create an entire web page in addition to creating a blog through it.

It has a free version, which is very useful for creating both a website and a blog. In case this falls short, you can switch at any time to one of its payment plans to be able to use other of its many features.

It is undoubtedly one of the best options for brands that want to position themselves better in search engines, and, in addition, one of its main advantages is that it allows customization through its themes and plugins.


It is another trendy platform to create blogs since it is straightforward to use and intuitive. It is not necessary to have programming or web knowledge to do it.

You can create a blog using one of its many templates through this platform. In addition, all of them are ready to be viewed on any mobile device, which is an advantage considering that more and more users connect from mobile devices or tablets.

Wix is ​​often used by brands looking to create an online store and manage their blog from one place. Although it has a minor drawback, it does not have customization features. Despite this, it is an excellent option for those looking for something simple, intuitive, and with good results.


It is one of the best options for people who want to have a blog to upload content fast and straightforwardly. No knowledge of web design or programming is necessary since it is enough to open an account, add a post and publish.

Installing plugins is not allowed on this platform, nor does it have content management features or customization options. It is a minimal platform but very useful for those who seek simplicity.

It is not the ideal platform for brands, but for people who want to have a personal blog as a hobby or with which to earn a little extra money.


It’s a lesser-known platform, but it’s also newer. This blog is perfect for people looking to publish quality in every way, both writing and content.

Its strong point is that all content creators become part of a community and, as such, you can participate in the projects of others or recommend articles, among other things.

LinkedIn Pulse

It is a blog within the same social network like LinkedIn. The idea of ​​this platform is that LinkedIn users can create their content and then share it with the rest.

Using it is very simple since it is enough to go to the Home tab on LinkedIn and select the Write an article option.

One of the main advantages is that it is part of a professional social network, so creating content can help you stand out from the competition or become visible among other professionals in the same sector. Of course, this type of blog is not customizable.


Tumblr is another free platform that allows the publication of content. At first, it was focused on being a personal blog, but more and more companies have opted for this platform to publish branded content.

One of the main advantages of this blog is that it allows the publication of audiovisual content, which is on the rise. This means that for those brands whose target audience prefers to consume audiovisual material rather than read, this will be one of the best options.

Creating a blog is something necessary considering everything it contributes to the brand. In addition, and especially at the beginning, it is not required to pay for it; it is only necessary to create quality content of interest.

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