Cloud Solutions For Your Virtual Office

Cloud Solutions For Your Virtual Office

The tendency of small companies to have virtual offices comes hand in hand with reducing costs.

How does a virtual server help me? What characteristics must it have to meet the needs of my company or business? These questions will allow you to understand the main advantages of having virtual storage and the basic elements to have the best service.

Undoubtedly, two of the key words in the objectives of any company are: efficiency in the operation and savings. By understanding the benefits of having virtualized servers, those in charge of IT areas become key elements that will deliver to companies, more than a technological solution, new models of consumption of computing resources, storage and applications that will allow companies can count on considerable savings in energy, space, cooling capacity, administration, maintenance, total data security and an unbeatable disaster recovery tool.

Additionally, by managing your entire infrastructure from a single, central location, you gain performance monitoring of all virtual machines and hosts, and automate infrastructure management, making it more performance, scalable, and available.

However, for all the benefits of virtualization described above to be tangible, it is best to have the services of a provider that guarantees the centralization of available resources and that allows the key IT personnel of the contracting company to really have the opportunity to raise the quality of your work by automating and supervising processes in a more efficient and centralized manner.

However, in order to get the best results, there are a few things that need to be considered so that the virtualized server resource reaches optimal levels. Describes below the 5 key elements to obtain the best storage virtualization service, and therefore guaranteed benefits:

Define A Strategy

You must work hand in hand with the IT consultant to develop a strategy, proactively develop guidelines and assess all needs. From storage levels and sizes to data protection and security, it must be determined what type of virtualization will be adopted.

Said consultancy must also include connectivity schemes with servers and applications that still reside in the client’s data center. When you have a strategy, you must develop a plan and follow it.

Technical Support: Technical

Support and consulting from the provider are among the most important considerations that must be taken into account before choosing a virtualization service. The user must ensure that the provider supports the company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week; that the price is in accordance with the quality and customer service, and that said provider also has the necessary experience to carry out a precise analysis of the best technical options to carry out the virtualization schemes.

The quality of support demanded by productive business applications goes beyond receiving support via ‘chat’, so make sure that your virtual server provider attends you personally.


The user must have root access control (administrative) to install the elements he deems necessary.  Many providers only allow access to one console; however, many productive applications require special configurations so take this into account when choosing your provider.  It is also essential to connect automatically with a secure administrative access.


It is necessary to look at the country or region where the virtual accommodation is given and make sure that it is not a vulnerable area prone to natural disasters, earthquakes, etc.

It is also important to review the legal aspects of where the infrastructure is physically located. In many countries there are no data protection regulations or, many providers indicate that the information belongs to them. Imagine if you store intellectual property? Your business and intellectual property is important.

Quality and Price 

It is important to make comparisons between different suppliers and pay attention to the price since this is often linked to the quality of the service. In addition, the user must ensure that the service provider has servers with “state of the art” technology and under international quality standards. The above with the objective of obtaining the best cost-benefit ratio.  

And beware! many service providers that offer granular or component costs, in 95% of the cases, turn out to be more expensive than what they mention. Most providers do not clearly indicate the costs for network transfer, which are very high, so it is important to have a provider that offers you a complete package, that is, virtualized servers and network transfer according to the needs and , Yeah! no hidden charges.

Virtual infrastructure solutions are ideal for production environments and are aimed at creating infrastructures that offer unique and equally applicable value in all environments. Today, technology developers are prepared to take administrative and information management processes to the next level by providing all the fundamental elements to achieve a successful integration. The reality is that virtualization is here to stay and offers numerous advantages, among them, that it opens a way to approach a new way of working. When a customer virtualizes, they turn their IT resources into something dynamic, innovative, into a key element that brings unsuspected value to the business.

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