Considerations In The Implementation Of A Smart Campus

Considerations In The Implementation Of A Smart Campus

Institutions that emphasize the use of technology in order to better promote learning have been defined as Smart Campuses . Technology is becoming more and more ingrained within society as trends such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence develop by leaps and bounds.

But this entry of technology not only occurs in social areas such as companies or industries, for a long time it found its way to education. And as a result, it takes advantage to enrich institutions in infrastructure and knowledge.

A quarter of Internet or mobile device users are young, and although they spend most of their time in recreational activities such as viewing content on social networks or playing games on the Internet, it also helps in the development of virtual teaching and improves the physical environment of educational institutions.

And it is due to the fact that the benefits of virtualization in educational environments are being recognized that more and more cities around the world are leaning towards it. A school that provides students with the opportunity to learn with digital devices will be part of the innovative landscape that is headed for the future.

It should be noted that the fact that an institution or company directs its company towards digitization does not mean that it is intelligent, the main characteristic of the term “smart” or “intelligent” is that it improves our cognitive abilities and provides us with knowledge. Using technology in this way can boost productivity and create efficient individuals.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Smart Campus

  • If you seek to implement the Smart Campus infrastructure, the following points must be taken into account.
  • It facilitates access to information: it is enough to have an Internet connection to be able to access any site on the network and inform us about the desired topic, in addition, self-learning and virtual teaching have become a trend. There are more and more people.
  • learning about a topic of interest through online courses or doing research on their own.
  • Increased productivity and creativity of students: because technology is changing at every moment, the curious nature of students encourages them to learn more about the devices they use and how they can improve their performance, and even eliminates the monotony in the classroom, making it more relaxed, fun and motivating.
  • Its implementation can be expensive: but it is an investment that can be considered for the long term. An educational institution that is committed to the implementation of technology guarantees a better intellectual development in students, it will make them more capable and self-sufficient. In addition to giving him worldwide recognition.
  • Technology can become a distraction: this can become a disadvantage if the technology is not used properly, it is true that when we talk about technological devices we think of a moment of recreation, that is why teachers must define their use to the extent that the class allows it, and in this way turn computer tools into another ally in the acquisition of knowledge.

A Solution For Smart Cities

Previously we have talked about what a Smart City is, they are those cities in which a technological infrastructure is applied in order to be used to develop a sustainable environment, increase the quality of life of society and make good use of resources. the resources we have at our disposal. More and more countries are seeking to join this infrastructure for all the benefits and innovations it offers.

Even in Mexico these projects already exist, the IQ Smart City of Queretaro received the green light in 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2020. But, although the idea of ​​creating a Smart City can be beneficial for any country that wishes to implement it, there are certain inconveniences for said transformation, such as the money that has to be invested in it, until dealing with the management of the population so that it accepts said change.

This is why universities have begun to test Smart Campuses, since they have the same notion of a smart city only in a smaller sector. With this, they will be adapting future generations to the use of technology and will make them aware of social problems in order to find better solutions.

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