Design Thinking And Customer-Focused Innovation

Design Thinking And Customer-Focused Innovation

Whether in decision-making or in the design of new products, the “design thinking” methodology has proven to be a reliable practice that various companies – including the IT sector – can use to enhance their results.

Beforehand, this term has been around for decades, but it has re-emerged as a leading trend in the face of the sheer number of digital solutions on the market. This is due to the fact that its application allows the design of solutions to take on a human sense and, therefore, profile in the field of marketing.

Towards Customer-Focused Thinking

As much as information technologies (IT) can solve daily or business problems, it is important to always keep in mind what are the similar problems that cannot be contemplated without their human element. Otherwise, only theories would be created and not solutions with a possible implementation.

That is why industry leaders are changing their focus, directing it more towards a guideline with their client as the main focus, solving real problems and succeeding as a company simultaneously. Below, we share the characteristics of companies whose solutions show a commitment of this nature,

1. They Perceive, Analyze And Know The Needs Of Their Client

Just as a tool that does not respond to a real use lacks utility, a technological implementation that does not respond to a true human need cannot be called a solution.

Through its departmental body, the technology company interacts empathically with the user, observing and listening to their needs. A big commercial mistake is to expect the user to adapt to the company’s standard, when it is this user who, at the end of the day, has the power and ability to choose.

2. Experiment With New Ideas Constantly

It is not possible to remain static in today’s business world, and technological disruption has been perfect proof that even the greatest technological leaders can be overwhelmed by technology and the understanding of it, if they do not take part in this dynamic. of business.

That is why a company that applies and adopts this methodology as a practice ( “design thinking”) ensures in this way that it keeps one eye on new technologies and another on its audience, generating as vast a number of ideas as possible and , on these, the prototyping begins as you define the product that will survive tomorrow in the business environment.

3. Quickly Interpret Your Customer’s Reactions

When launching a new prototype or product, a company remains alert for the reaction that its users will have when using it.

Although your previous audience research and technological knowledge offers you a competitive advantage, continuing in the improvement process will allow you to offer a final product with a better definition, more robust and that connects with the corresponding sector.

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