Different Types Of CRM According To The Objectives Of Each Company

Different Types Of CRM According To The Objectives Of Each Company

Establishing a good relationship with customers is essential for any company. But to maintain a close relationship, special tools are needed where we can deposit the information and data about our clients and use them efficiently. That is why customer relationship management systems are essential. Known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) these systems help create and manage the complex relationships we have with our customers; as well as define strategies to increase our sales.

There are several types of CRM strategies that help with different elements to understand and consolidate the relationship we form. Here we present the most important ones and tell you how a CRM system can guarantee the success of your company.

Types Of CRM

Operational CRM:

With an operational type system, a business can carry out its marketing, customer service and sales processes in an automated and efficient manner. The processes that are carried out with an operational CRM are also known as Front Office since with them the contact and monitoring of projects is established. Among the most important features of an operational CRM is the management of information to contact your customers and scoring , the process by which information is analyzed to increase the chances of selling services or products.

Automation processes also play an important role within these CRMs, since they allow the different departments to better manage customer information and find business opportunities and potential sales; as well as offering quick and clear solutions to clients with whom they already work.

Collaborative CRM 

This type of CRM is one of the most efficient ways to have constant communication and interaction. These systems make it easy to share files and documents between the different business units of your company or maintain close communication with your company’s clients. The focus of these CRMs is to offer a positive experience to your customers and retain them through effective customer service.

The benefits of these collaborative CRMs are the management of interactions, where all activities and messages are recorded so that your business can consult them and do a detailed follow-up on their customers; relationship management, where direct communication is maintained with the client to define objectives, preferences, strategies and contact information; and document management, where all the information related to the projects where they are collaborating is documented.

Analytical CRM 

These CRM systems are used to analyze in detail the information we have about customers to offer them a better service and make better decisions. These programs interpret and organize the information that is generated by the different business units that work in collaboration with the client. The data can be sales volumes, credit histories, purchase histories, information about customer loyalty programs.

How do I know which is the best system for me?

Each CRM has its benefits and applications that can help us maintain good relationships with our customers. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the most important factors when deciding which one would benefit you the most.

Here are some of the most important elements to consider:

Business strategy 

It is important to see what the objectives of your company and the data and information that you will obtain from your clients must be managed through a CRM. Before deciding which one is best for you, take a moment to see how your business strategy would benefit from a CRM.


Consider your internal processes and way of working with the client to determine which CRM is best for an efficient flow of processes.

Customer base 

Check how big your customer base is, sometimes email is no longer enough to provide a personalized service, so a CRM is an excellent tool to keep in touch efficiently.


Not all CRM services cost the same, so you should adjust your search to options that your assigned budget covers.

For your company to maintain constant growth and continue to retain customers, it is essential to have a high-quality CRM system.

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