Digital Headset Solutions for Contact Centers

Digital Headset Solutions for Contact Centers

When taking into account the new challenges of mobility and geographical dispersion, it is also important to consider the collection of information in companies to verify the feasibility of implementing technological solutions. This is necessary when looking to address infrastructure and cost problems, as well as the user profile together with the type of use that is given to the solution.

With audio and video collaboration so practical, technology now allows us to be in many places in a single work day. In terms of mobility, after implementing these solutions, it is possible to work from wherever you are whenever necessary, thus gaining productivity and reducing transfers.

An example of these technologies are the Jabra headsets , which have evolved considering the needs of modern contact centers. Wireless products with a greater distance range have been launched, which allows a greater number of people using headsets in the same space, without interfering with each other. In addition, security protocols have been improved so that information cannot be captured by outsiders.

On the other hand, a lot of time has also been invested in the development of free headset management software that , with some models like the Engage 50, allows contact centers to obtain analytics on the use of the headset. The latest models of headsets are digital and intelligent, which means that they offer clear analytics on the use of the device by the agent. Thus, we can obtain data on the quality of the call or the tone of voice of the customer, making the company capable of taking the appropriate measures to improve customer satisfaction, which today is one of the main KPIs that measure the success of a contact center operation

In addition, these devices have benefits such as:

  • Headphone durability, which equates to less cost in device rotation.
  • Comfort for long working days.
  • Superior audio quality
  • Productivity increase
  • Employee and customer satisfaction, by experiencing a less noisy call.
  • Studies carried out show that the “call” is the first level of escalation in a contact center. In other words, when the client decides that he wants to talk to a person, it is because no other means of digital attention has been able to solve his problem. Therefore, these calls are usually complex and require good technological quality for the customer to be satisfied with the service.
  • The satisfaction that users feel when using quality communication products, made for a more productive day to day, generates a better experience and greater comfort. A good wireless range, for example, allows the agent to move to speak with a supervisor or look up information on the matter, without having to hang up the call or leave the customer on hold for a long time.

Jabra invests heavily in research, so all of its products are purpose-built to meet the needs of every type of user. Its audio technology is superior to other brands in the market, making it one of the leaders in the headset segment for Contact Centers and offices.

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