Digital Learning As A Solution For Employee Training

Digital Learning As A Solution For Employee Training

Digital Learning & Employee Training

Thanks to modern technologies, many companies already use videos for training and further education. This teaching method saves time, money and resources. Good employee training is essential for smooth operational processes because it helps employees optimally fulfil their work tasks.

Demand and consumption of videos have increased rapidly in recent years, which will remain so. A Cisco Studio predicts that Global IP video internet traffic will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021, up 73% in 2016.

Training videos are becoming increasingly popular and represent a digital trend to provide online learning materials to all employees, regardless of location and local time. Not surprisingly, more and more organizations are replacing their training content with videos. Employees can watch the videos whenever it suits them best, and training segments can be completed faster and more efficiently.

Here we show some challenges that often arise in employee training that can be solved with videos:

Present Once, Watch Again and Again

Once a training event has been videotaped, those unable to attend can still experience the training. The training can be recorded live or individual segments screen capture can be recorded separately, and the recording can be shown immediately saved and made available to all new employees.

Trainers and employees save a lot of time. If the videos are held and all new employees have access to the collection, there is no need to coordinate event dates. Everyone can do their training and further education according to their schedule.

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Personal Meetings Are Expensive

If you want to train employees in an event, there is a lot of expenditure. Travel expenses for trainers and employees, room rental, meals, material costs – that quickly add up. Travel times are unproductive, and this creates additional costs. Videos eliminate unnecessary travel expenses and save time and resources for everyone involved.

Global Training

In international companies, the training videos can be shown worldwide. The videos are available 24/7, regardless of geographic location or time zone. Tutorials can be offered in other languages ​​and for different cultures. The effort required for localization and translation can be adapted to the respective content; subtitles are often sufficient here.

Why SoftwareONE Switched To Video

SoftwareONE, a software consulting firm, switched entirely to video training in 2011. The consultants are active in 145 countries, and it was difficult and inefficient to offer local training events, resulting in lost time and profits. Traditional training and education methods had to be organized up to a month in advance, and new employees were absent from the workplace for up to three days when they were trained.

The sales team quickly became familiar with the new software and training method. High-quality videos and digital learning content imparted specialist knowledge and sales techniques.

“The fact that the learning videos could be viewed 24/7 and on any device really pleased our employees and motivated them. We’ve been able to assemble a learning library and drastically reduce travel costs,” explains John Mayes, Global Human Resources Director.

Videos can increase efficiency and productivity across the organization. Access to these learning media is effortless, and all unnecessary costs for on-site training events can be eliminated.

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