Digitization: Present And Future Of The Contract Channel

Digitization: Present And Future Of The Contract Channel

After the return to normality, it will be necessary to modify the usual approaches. We will be forced to think of new spaces and reconvert the furniture to adapt it to the new ways of living, working, and relating based on our clients’ new demands.

The priority is people, safeguarding their well-being and health by creating sustainable, versatile and multifunctional spaces. To do this, we will rely on technological solutions that will open a large window of change and create business opportunities for the Contract channel.

Contract Channel Opportunities In The Post-COVID Era

Within the Contract channel, we are going to focus on four fundamental perspectives, from which the central axis of any organization will be located:


The transformation of work models will involve redesigning their spaces focused on safety, adaptability, and fluidity. People’s virtual and physical experiences will join forces towards new ways of sharing knowledge, the spirit of community, and the sense of belonging.


The consumer is now more sensitive to safety and comfort. You will look for spaces where you can relax and feel protected, where security and trust prevail through new spaces with a series of social distancing and hygiene measures that avoid risks.


Many companies have designed their protocols for action in the face of the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, including the maximum restriction of travel abroad and the dissemination of prevention recommendations. The current limitation on the movement of professional teams will lead to changes in the execution of Contract projects in the future.


Public spaces must be multifunctional and adaptable. The restrictions on movement have changed the relationship of citizens with their streets, public spaces and facilities. Now more than ever, it is vital to resolve accessibility, flexibility, design, maintenance and connectivity in public spaces.

Within the current global situation in which we find ourselves, taking into account its very specific characteristics, the Contract channel faces unexpected challenges. Channel companies need specific and differential competitive factors to present an attractive and unique value proposition. One of these factors is innovation to improve processes, increase productivity and efficiency and work with the tools that allow companies to access large projects.

Solutions Based On Innovation For The Contract Channel

Most technological proposals are based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, very powerful in its capabilities related to project management, which provides navigability and unique data. These highly configurable extensions extend project management throughout the entire activity cycle of a company of these characteristics.

Finally, it is possible to add a small layer of your customizations to meet the specific needs of the end customer. Because this solution is developed in extensions, it facilitates automated migration for companies in on-premise or cloud mode.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cross-platform solution that integrates all business areas within the Microsoft ecosystem with the Azure cloud and Microsoft 365 productivity tools. It helps plan, budget, manage and analyze based on the changing needs presented to make business decisions based on valuable information in real-time and anticipate possible deviations in terms of costs.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can:

  • Stick to budget
  • Plan your projects accurately
  • Manage resource levels
  • Analyze the performance of your projects
  • Make effective decisions with real-time information

Discover how to optimize the management of your Contract projects with specific solutions based on the appropriate technology. Impact business processes and respond to the present challenges to adapt to the singularities of your channel of the future.

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