Editing Videos On The Timeline

Editing Videos On The Timeline

Every video expert-created thousands of videos (music videos, marketing videos, and more) recommend the following Best Practice. They recommend for all beginners who want to make better videos quickly, “…above all, practice editing videos on the timeline”.

Experts are right because a good video editor learns how to best present stories. A video editor also quickly becomes familiar with different media, video elements, and structures when editing, and this is the best way to find your style for your videos.

However, this is not an easy task. Video editing programs are often very complex and difficult to use, and beginners are easily intimidated and discouraged. Cheer up; there are less complicated alternatives as well. Today we will show you the basics of video editing. You’ll soon be able to publish your first great video.

The Timeline In The Video Editor

Non-linear means you don’t have to insert the media clips in order; instead, you have more flexibility and could place the last clip first, then insert a clip in the middle, and then fill in the gaps before placing the title clip at the beginning.

The timeline consists of several components that you should know:

  • Timeline: Here different video parts are joined together horizontally, and footage on the left appears before footage on the right. Usually, the timeline contains time markers that show the exact position of each frame.
  • Traces: The tracks are usually on top of each other so that multiple media (audio and video) can be inserted on one track. The further up a track is, the higher up the visuals are on it. This is the case in most video editor programs. This is also called Z-order
  • Media: The media lies on the timeline and can be video, audio, or image clips. Other elements such as callouts or animations are also video elements.
  • Search Bar: The seek bar shows where the preview is currently located, and the search bar is the central element to get to the right place where you want to edit your video.

Depending on the program, there are many different editing tools, such as cutting, splitting, zooming, or locking tracks. Take the time to try these features. Hover over a tool you want to explore and read the tips that appear. This is the quickest way to learn what a tool can do and how it works.

Workflow For Editing On A Video Timeline

There are many methods for video editing on the timeline. Find out which ones you like the most. We’ve got some recommendations and tips for you, but you’re sure to tweak your processes and make tweaks here and there.

  • Gather all the footage you need for your video. It is better to have too much than too little when in doubt.
  • If you have many clips, you should include references to the content. It’s a bit more work, but it’s worth the effort because it makes finding all the clips you need later on is much easier.
  • When the footage is complete, add the central clips to the timeline and start structuring the flow.
  • Cut away the superfluous. The message should be conveyed clearly and without beating around the bush. You can then fine-tune effects and details (e.g., transition effects) later.
  • With the core pieces in place, the next step is to incorporate secondary material, adding B-roll footage or lower thirds, other images or
  • When the visual video content is ready, you can add background music or other audio.

The Art Of Video Editing On The Timeline

Editing videos requires technical flair and artistic talent. There are so many effects, interesting editing options, and stuff that’s “cool.” As is so often the case: less is more.

You will learn a lot about editing your own videos. What do you find interesting? What editing methods seem efficient to get a message across? Write down what you want to imitate and try.

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