How Can Quantum Computing Change The Day To Day Activity Of Your Company?

How Can Quantum Computing Change The Day To Day Activity Of Your Company?

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing, unlike traditional computing, appears as an alternative to help companies overcome challenges that are impossible for conventional computers. And that’s why it’s so relevant to leading organizations like IBM and Google. Although not exactly a new subject, it is a fact that these machines will increasingly impact our routines.

Think of devices whose processing power is so great that they would be able to encrypt data without us even noticing, process massive amounts of data without offering performance problems and solve complex dilemmas that are a problem even today for the most advanced supercomputers — related to things like real-time medical diagnoses.

Last year, the journal Nature addressed the topic and published two papers that show the possibilities of quantum computing and how it will represent a paradigm shift for enterprises. Today, we explore some of these changes to help you understand how technology will serve to advance your organization’s goals.

What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing considers the rules of quantum mechanics when using computers to process information. If classical computing input is needed to obtain an output, when we migrate to quantum hardware, we can reach non-sequential and optimized results on several simultaneous inputs.

The main differentiator of this is a better processing speed, but there are several other benefits that we can get from quantum computing. These structures are very different from the computers we know and contain, for example, a tube or a space that reproduces the vacuum and through which lasers travel that is used to slow down a single atom contained within it.

It’s like these lasers were able to slow the atom down to something close to zero — being previously programmed to do so — allowing the quantum computer to reach these super speeds and deal with information in a way impossible for traditional machines.

How Does Quantum Computing Differ From Traditional Computing?

Traditional computers work on binary numbers and allow us to input information to obtain results. This means, when performing calculations, we need to establish a series of rules that determine exactly what kinds of answers we can get. The whole process involves adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing data to obtain valid variables.

However, that’s not exactly how the world works. For some years, we have been aware that quantum physics is the science capable of determining more precisely how our universe operates, and within it, we have systems.

These systems allow us to have more than one relevant piece of information about the states of affairs simultaneously, which means that superposition is a variable that should also be considered in the computation. Quantum computers work on the principle that an atom can be in two states of matter simultaneously and help us get more accurate results about the real world.

What Benefits Can We See, Thanks To Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers will be disruptive to all industries. Below, we show you how this dysfunction can influence companies like yours.

Online Security

One of the main differentiators that we can expect with quantum computing is increased online security, whose only downside is the obsolescence of the encryption systems we use today. After all, most of our current security systems consider the time it takes to “crack” code as a security factor. That period will be paltry with the advent of applicable quantum computing.

However, the good news is that this type of innovation will allow for a more organized distribution of information and the creation of highly secure methods of communication because one of its features is to prevent messages, when and if intercepted, from being read by the interceptor.

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Artificial Intelligence

The impacts of artificial intelligence already make a difference in the day to day of companies, but they will do much more with quantum computing. Because these systems can absorb and analyze more information simultaneously, they will be better at providing Artificial Intelligences with the knowledge and feedback they need to perform optimally.

This will reduce the systems learning curve, and they will be able to correct their errors quickly and in an efficient manner and self-sufficient. The result? A technology that is more intuitive and advances faster.

Increased Predictability

For systems like medical diagnostics or weather forecasting to work, we need predictability. It’s the ability to determine the number of likely outcomes from a piece of information—and it’s no wonder that it increases with quantum superposition.

To date, even when using sophisticated technologies, we still need machines to “guess” some of the information we expect to receive. This guesswork makes results inaccurate, specifically in areas such as those cited in the introduction to this topic.

As quantum computers can analyze multiple data matrices simultaneously and without losing efficiency, they will allow scientists to have much greater predictability about their actions. And will improve the results that customers can see as the quality of agriculture.

With the optimized weather forecast, it is possible to anticipate bad situations for planting and harvesting and use this information to avoid problems that would harm the taste of food or even the safety of employees who work in rural areas.

Currently, we still do not have the passive production or sale of viable quantum computers. However, this is a technology that will be part of our future. You should be aware of it, as it represents a series of possibilities that will help your company deliver a better level of service and more efficiency to its consumers.

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