How Secure Is The Cloud Today?

How Secure Is The Cloud Today?

Even after the great efforts made by all the companies that offer cloud services, the general public’s distrust for the security of the information stored in them persists. Especially in the case of old-school companies with large amounts of sensitive data, many administrators feel that the only way to maintain that privacy is through physical storage in their offices, away from any outside influence.

Being an immediate way to deal with the anxiety that many experience, 87.8% of Mexicans are frequent users of at least one social network and may realize that the time spent on them is excessive once they begin to interfere with their daily activities, stopping doing tasks, failing with their work obligations or attending to their basic needs, such as eating or resting.

The psychological implications that this has must be treated by a professional in this field before they seriously affect our lives, being capable of increasing feelings of decay, negative emotions and health effects. However, before reaching that point, if you think your time connected to social networks is only growing, we will share some tips that will help reduce the use of platforms.

Designed To Grab Your Attention

Something central that we must consider when thinking about social networks is that their greatest purpose is to keep us within them for as long as possible. Although they have been credited with informative and emotionally connecting functions, they are addictive by design, so we shouldn’t underestimate their ability to hold us captive.

Luckily there are ways to disconnect, some partial, others total, but the best solution depends on the use we give to the networks. If our work revolves around these, for example, we will not be able to disconnect, but we can learn to regulate the time we dedicate to them daily. We list our tips for all types of users:

  • Limit Notifications: The main way networks grab our attention is through constant notifications that distract us from their platforms. Deactivating them or reducing their appearance to only the most essential can significantly help regain control of our time.
  • Limiting The Use Of Networks To A Specific Time: modulating our use of networks by establishing an interval in the day in which we can use them is an excellent strategy, limiting our use manually without having to eliminate them from our device.
  • The correct configuration of services or management of information in the cloud is crucial to ensure that the service is much more difficult for a cybercriminal to compromise. This is also true for any physical asset, including, for example, the correct configurations of modems or signal repeaters in the physical offices and the remote access of employees from their homes.

It should then be evident to all users that investment will be necessary but that they should not limit the services they use because one is supposedly less secure than another. Remember that a hybrid approach is also possible, which offers solutions of both types tailored to your information management needs, and can significantly contribute to your IT management, primarily if the business cybersecurity aspect is also handled.

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