How To Download A GIF And Save The GIF

How To Download A GIF And Save The GIF

Download GIF – Instructions For Smartphone And Computer

GIFs are an integral part of today’s digital world. Nothing seems better suited for entertaining online communication than these short GIF animations, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even in professional emails and LinkedIn. We have written down where and how to download GIFs and save them successfully on your computer or smartphone in a simple guide.

GIF Download On Computer

Almost all web browsers and computers have software that supports and correctly displays GIF files. So it doesn’t matter whether you work with a Windows PC, Apple Computer or Chromebook. The following instructions work for all standard computer types and web browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome.

You can find GIFs pretty much anywhere online. Just type “animated GIF” plus matching keywords into a search engine like Google. You can also directly into GIF databases like Giphy and tenor Search: Enter one or more search terms in the search mask, and you will receive a large selection of relevant GIFs.

If you have found a GIF in a GIF database like Giphy or Tenor, you can easily share the GIF directly on one of your social media channels using the Share Link function. Or you can use Embed to copy the link to embed the GIF in a website or blog.

If you have found a suitable GIF by searching in your web browser, you can also copy, share or embed the link:

  1. To do this, open the GIF in the web browser.
  2. Click in the address bar of the web browser.
  3. Copy the link address: in Windows with Ctrl + C or in macOS with command + C.
  4. Paste the copied GIF link in Windows with Ctrl + V or macOS with command + V.

However, if Giphy or the website your GIF came from removes the GIF or changes the link, those links will break. So it is better to download the GIF, and that’s how it’s done:

Download GIF To Computer

  1. Open the GIF in your web browser.
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the GIF.
  3. Right-click with your mouse to open the context menu.
  4. From there, click either Save Image in Downloads. Then the GIF will be saved in the Downloads folder. Or you can choose a different location on your computer to save the GIF via Save image as…
  5. Save the GIF with a new name. However, do not change the .gif file extension.

GIF Download With Smartphone

GIFs are often sent on smartphones via WhatsApp or social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Many of these applications now have GIF Libraries. That means you no longer have to upload GIFs; you can search for and use a GIF directly in the app.

For example, since the GIF database Giphy was acquired by Facebook, its GIF library is automatically linked to WhatsApp Messenger and the Facebook app. So if you write a message there, you can easily find and insert a suitable GIF in the app:

GIFs On WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, access the GIF library using the GIF icon to the left of the photo icon

GIFs On Facebook

Like WhatsApp, you can also use Giphy’s GIF library in Facebook. When writing a message in Messenger, click on this GIF icon in the menu:

To insert a GIF in a Facebook post, click on the three dots for More in the menu and then on the GIF icon:

If you use a GIF from a built-in GIF library, it may be that your GIF can no longer be displayed later, for example, if Facebook deletes the GIF from the Giphy library or changes the link. To work around the problem or save particularly successful GIFs permanently, you can download the GIF. Then you can send or upload the GIF file yourself. That’s how it’s done:

Download GIF On iPhone, Android Smartphone Or Windows Smartphone

  1. Locate and open the GIF in your web browser.
  2. Hold your index finger a little longer on the GIF image. The context menu opens.
  3. Depending on your phone, choose to Add to Photos, Save Image, or Download Image from the context menu.
  4. Switch to photos or your photo gallery. There you will find the saved GIF. Depending on the settings of your smartphone, it can also be saved under Downloads or Files.

Save GIF With The App.

It is not always possible to save GIFs directly on the smartphone, and that’s why there are third-party apps that make it easier to use and save GIFs. This includes the apps from Giphy: The GIF Search Engine and Tenor: GIF Keyboard and GIF Player Free.

Download GIF From Twitter

If you’re on Twitter a lot, you’ll often discover funny videos or GIFs. Downloading GIFs or videos from Twitter is also easy, like this:

  1. Click on the tweet with the GIF.
  2. Copy the URL of the tweet that contains the GIF.
  3. Go to Download and paste the copied URL into the search mask.
  4. Click Enter and select a format if necessary.
  5. Allow the file to be downloaded on your device.

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