How To Set Up Android TV Remote | | android

How To Set Up Android TV Remote | | android

The days are long gone of the cathode ray tube TVs, usually called the picture tube TVs. Now, every home in 10 is decorated with Android TV. These Android TVs are purchased in numbers that usher in entrainment in addition to many other features. Android TVs bring you different programs, shows, and online web series and are more filled with an entertainment-packed, fun-filled experience that brings HD quality to your homes.

Dive just in to start enjoying the experience that your latest Android TV brings to you. The installation process has a few easy steps. In this article, we will explain in detail the simplest of ways to install your Android TV within no time.

Google has developed the smart OS for Android TV. It is built to support TVs, sound systems and bars, and their services and not leave out digital media players. It is also carefully sketched to access the games and applications the Android system brings you. The wide range of the multimedia arena sits there, which is accessible with remote control assistance.

These latest TVs working on the Android platform are internalized with special features like Google Chromecast, which enables you to picture the program and shows on your android device like a phone or a tablet to your Android TV. The Google Assistant is integrated with its voice control, allowing you to give instructions through your voice.

The Setting Up Of Android TV And The Installation Methods In 2 Different Ways

To begin with, you need to run the installation process in order to register your Google account. Google Assistant can also be used if you need it. The Google Play store can help install the required apps and register your device with the manufacturer.

There are three ways in which the installation process can be completed. The web browser or another android phone can be used, or the data can be entered manually. The first two methods are convenient to follow. The third one is slightly difficult to handle.

  • Check whether your Android TV is plugged externally to begin the process, and to do that, you need to follow the steps below
  • The manufacturer’s directives are to be followed to connect the Android TV (The unused HDMI port and the power out of the TV)
  • Switch on the TV and select the port of the HDMI to which the device is connected.
  • Go to the next screen after choosing the appropriate language.
  • Now, connect your Android phone if you have it available and check the settings, or you can ‘Skip’ and select the settings through ‘’ or resort to the inconvenient method of manually entering the data.

The Assistance Of Another Android Device Viz. Tablet Or Phone To Set Up Android TV

Peruse the ways below to set up your Android TV with an Android phone device.

  • The Google options are to be checked before opening the settings of your phone
  • ‘Configure with Nearby Device’ after clicking ‘Set and Restore’
  • Now select ‘Next’ and let your mobile phone detect Android TV after a while of searching the vicinity.
  • The same code should be displayed on both the TV and the mobile device, and then Click ‘Next’
  • The Wi-Fi network needs to be connected to the Android TV and then let Google trace it from your mobile device to your android device. The authorization for the operation needs to be given
  • Keep in handy the Google account with which you will connect the Android TV and select the same account
  • The data connection established from your phone will help Google to set up your Android TV. The process will culminate after the conditions are accepted on your device.
  • The Android TV could ask you to have a few apps installed, and you can then select the apps you want to download or press the skip screen.
  • The Android TV is now set for use.

The Configuration Of The Android TV By Using “”

The above steps showed the simple ways the Android TV was set up with the assistance of another android hand device. Now we can see the installation of the Android TV in the absence of the phone in some basic steps. Google has launched a website to help install your Android TV; you are only required to access it via a browser. And it works with both desktop and mobile.

  • Select the ‘Skip’ button on your Android TV screen and connect your device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Log in with your Google username and password. Select ‘Use your phone or computer; this will help you to get away from the tedious activity of typing with your remote control. If the browser is not conveniently available, use the remote control to log in.
  • Latch onto ‘’ by opening the web browser. Write down the code that appears on the Android TV screen.
  • Use the Google account to log in through the browser, which will get it activated on your Android TV.
  • Select the acceptance button to admit the terms and conditions to complete the set-up of the Android TV.
  • Enter the left-out information to revise the set-up of the device and download the required apps and leave out the rest unneeded.

The stated methods mentioned above are convenient to set up the Android TV and easy to follow, which keeps the device up and running in no time. Once connected to the TV, Wi-Fi and the Google account, the device can let you enjoy all the applications available on the Google play store. The apps like HBO, Disney Hotstar and a lot more. The Android TV opens up a wide range of limitless entertainment like movies, documentaries and web series that interest you.

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