Manufacturing: The New Era Of Innovation Towards Industry 4.0

Manufacturing: The New Era Of Innovation Towards Industry 4.0

Manufacturers are experiencing unprecedented change due to the accelerated digital transformation that is taking place in all sectors of the market. Evolving operations and improving efficiency is a top priority, but if manufacturers want to build strong organizations in the face of the new industrial revolution, they need to have not just an ERP, but a complete platform built by and for their business.

In this sense, innovation takes on a leading role. 62% of Manufacturing companies are investing in smart manufacturing, increasing 20% ​​in 2021, according to data provided by Deloitte and MAPI. A smart factory generates 1 PB of information per day, which is an explosion of data that needs to be collected and analyzed in real time and in a unified way to convert it into valuable information.

As a new generation of technologies appears, such as Big Data , Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence , robotic automation or Cloud Computing, manufacturing becomes a highly connected, intelligent and therefore more productive industry. and efficient. According to Gartner, the implementation of remote services and IoT allow to increase the productivity of technicians by an average of 25%.

Transform the workforce

Combining productivity applications, intelligent cloud services and security to radically transform the way industries work becomes essential. This is possible by empowering the workforce with agile digital tools and modern devices, such as Microsoft Teams and Viva , which offer the best collaboration, productivity and training experiences, enriching communication and the employee experience by connecting tools and people in an environment safer job.

Unlock Innovation

The right digital solutions, like Power BI , will offer an integrated product view, a connected data flow, and a forward-thinking strategy that enables better decision-making. Digitizing the supply chain with democratized information in real time, having AI-based planning and building connected smart factories will make it possible to easily predict and respond to market needs. Through AI remote virtual assistants, chatbots and self-service tools, value will be offered to customers quickly and efficiently, thus improving customer service. Therefore, creating the safe and agile factory of the future is possible today with AI, IoT, mixed reality and predictive analytics to improve performance, quality and service offered.

Create More Resilient Supply Chains

Improving resiliency and profitability through intelligent supply chain planning and execution is possible today. The flexibility of running planning in the cloud increases service levels and reduces costs. In addition, with multi-channel inventory visibility, more agile distribution and processes will be available, optimizing planning and operations at all points in the supply chain. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management will make the process more efficient from end to end, reducing downtime and enabling ever greater automation.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing aligns cloud services with specific industry requirements, giving organizations a cloud starting point that is easily integrated into their operations. Through advances in cloud computing, data lakes, and software, as well as improved business processes and governance, organizations are finally starting to break down data silos, realizing the potential of a fully connected business. .

Modern manufacturers are no longer just manufacturers, they are the common thread that connects the entire life cycle of a product. In order to thrive in this new environment, they must increasingly rely on technology to drive breakthrough innovations and smarter operations. The digitization of the industry translates into building a more sustainable future to ensure business continuity .

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