Microsoft Teams: From Teamwork To Collaborative Work

Microsoft Teams: From Teamwork To Collaborative Work

Now more than ever, companies need to know that virtual conversations with their employees and customers are private and secure. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s collaborative work tool that includes chats, workgroups, video conferences, content repositories and other tools for collaboration between teams, guaranteeing maximum security.

Microsoft’s main goal is for Teams to be our first desktop, the first tool we open in the morning to check communications, contact colleagues immediately through chat, review documents or manage work teams.

Likewise, the organization in Teams is hierarchical; within each group, you can create public or private channels that those members can only see of the team that the organization configures. Of course, the hierarchy is by group, not by the user. This means that if a person enters the group, they will see everything that has been set as visible in that group, but it will not be possible to restrict the content available per person.

How Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Company

Microsoft Teams guarantees total connectivity between the company teams, allowing you to chat, hold meetings, call, and collaborate from anywhere. The tool includes both group and individual chats and the possibility of holding meetings by videoconference or call. On the other hand, to streamline day-to-day procedures, Teams also enables the direct delivery of documents in real-time for consultation and editing.

One of the most valuable features of Teams for companies is holding online meetings efficiently. The tool allows audio, video and web conferences and live events in this area. In all cases, there is the possibility of scheduling assistance, note-taking, screen sharing, meeting recording and instant messaging during the meeting.

This functionality helps companies automate the entire meeting lifecycle from scheduling to follow-up, saving time and improving productivity.

Microsoft Teams also helps simplify the task management process thanks to its team structure and integration with other productivity tools that help employees organize their time.

In addition, the tool allows you to store resources of all kinds to facilitate learning and contribute to the continuous training of teams.

Data Security In Microsoft Teams

Teams follow best practices and procedures for security, such as service-level security through defence-in-depth, in-service client controls, security hardening, and best operating procedures.

At the user level, although it is a collaboration tool, not all the information is open to all company members. In this sense, information protection is also present in the chat part. For example, you can set bank accounts not to be pasted. Each company will set its own rules to comply with its internal policies.

Regarding the general data protection policy, Microsoft guarantees the prevention of data loss, information barriers, retention policies and legal suspension, among other measures. In addition to complying with more than 42 national, regional and sector-specific regulations.

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