Mobile Applications And Digital Security: The Great Allies Of Remote Work

Mobile Applications And Digital Security: The Great Allies Of Remote Work

What does it take for a company to move its operations into a fully mobile environment? Perhaps this is the most important challenge that remote work brings with it; then, the use of mobile applications and digital security assumes a primary role.

The time had passed when remote or hybrid work was conceived as synonymous with a lack of productivity and activity of collaborators. In 2022, this way of working is one of the leading labour and talent management trends.

A survey carried out by PWC in conjunction with the IPADE Business School revealed that Mexico is the Latin American country with the best-accepted hybrid work. The expectations of continuing with this modality are high since 68% of Mexicans have benefited from home office schemes.

Also, this survey found that 97% of respondents want remote work to be maintained permanently.

These new digital and remote collaboration demands imposed a challenge on decision-makers and company CIOs, which provide the technological tools to carry out remote work and promote digital mobility without putting your assets at risk.

Applications And Security: The Foundation Of Enterprise Mobility

Mobility does not only represent providing tools to the collaborator to carry out activities since it implies more than just providing mobile devices and an internet connection to the organisation’s users.

It is about implementing technologies with which you can face the challenges that arise, even suddenly. In this equation, the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and IoT are essential for the transformation and evolution of companies.

It is a fact that mobile devices are the enablers of enterprise mobility; Thanks to them, users have access to critical information through digital programs and applications from any place and time. These new technological tools allow having the knowledge to carry out the work and ensure the continuity of the company, but how to achieve this purpose?

In this context, where it is necessary to have new technologies, mobile applications acquire a unique value for companies, which are inclined to acquire mobile device management (MDM) as part of their mobility strategy, together with the administration of mobile applications (MAM) that encompass the development, deployment, protection and management of critical applications.

It is thus when we find a scenario where the need to use mobile applications is undeniable, which must be limited and designed according to the activities of each collaborator, and where the security factor must be paramount to avoid theft, elimination and disclosure of information, both from the collaborators and from the company in question.

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