Office 365 Applications In Each Department

Office 365 Applications In Each Department

The tools that are part of the daily life of employees are crucial for their productivity and efficiency , as well as for driving the digital transformation of teams. Having applications to allow collaboration and that guarantee effective communication facilitates teamwork, improves the flow of information and allows optimization of internal processes.

Online solutions, in the cloud, offer teams flexibility in managing their communications and their day-to-day activities. Thanks to collaboration tools, employees can work simultaneously on documents, communicate via chat or video call without being limited by their location.

Office 365 is a complete work environment in the cloud that has constantly updated applications that respond to the different needs of companies. A comprehensive solution to boost company productivity through process optimization, communication and collaboration.

Understanding the advantages that the solution offers for each area of ​​the company is key to being able to take advantage of all its functionalities. Here are some of the applications and benefits that Office 365 offers to each of the company’s areas:

Human Resource

With Office 365, the HR and internal communication teams can post all the information necessary for new employees in shared folders. The new incorporations will appreciate finding in a single environment all the information about the company and the work processes during their first days.

Internal communication portals also offer a place to meet colleagues and easily find managers or contacts that new employees can turn to.


Facilitates access to information with the use of cloud storage tools . Guarantees the security and privacy of documents thanks to access control. Plus, with Office 365 apps, it’s easy to create workflows to improve project outcomes by streamlining operations.

Sales and Marketing

With Office 365 design tools, sales and marketing teams can easily create professional presentations and documents. Internal collaboration and communication platforms drive innovation within the company and the exchange of information, such as new trends or new demand generation models.


Collaborating and working as a team is much easier and more efficient with Office 365 tools. Manage reports at the same time, simultaneously edit Excel sheets to have updated data at any time. Guarantee the quality of your data and make better decisions thanks to the accessibility of documents in the cloud.


Automates control of regulatory compliance. With Sharepoint it is possible to establish templates with mandatory fields to ensure the correct use of legal materials. In addition, additional services for Office 365 legal compliance, such as Legal Hold or Data Loss Prevention, will ensure the security of sensitive information.

Information Technology

Managing the IT of a company, regardless of its size, can be heavy and complex. Managing incidents in systems or technological environments is simple with the Office 365 service portal. In addition, IT teams can communicate service outagesupdates or news through collaborative portals to ensure that the information reaches the entire organization.

Office 365 is a productivity solution for the entire company. Each Office 365 application is designed to support the internal processes of companies, taking into account the needs of each area. Office 365 is a comprehensive solution for the day-to-day of teams, a work platform to promote the digitalization of communications, processes and operations.

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