Presentations With PowerPoint: Ideas For Design And Creation

Presentations With PowerPoint: Ideas For Design And Creation

Here You Will Find Templates And Design Ideas For Your Presentation

When it comes to a PowerPoint presentation, a good design is a key to success. The software itself offers ideas for designing PowerPoint presentations, and there are external providers and libraries of templates for PowerPoint presentations, most of which are free of charge. We have summarized for you here where you can find ideas for your PowerPoint presentation and what you should pay attention to.

Why Is A Good Design Necessary For Your PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint is Microsoft software for creating presentations, such as lectures or online seminars. PowerPoint presentations essentially consist of slides on which the core statements of the lecture are recorded in bullet points. A well-designed presentation makes it easier for the audience to follow a course and grasp the content faster. They can also be made available long-term after the actual lecture, for example, for research purposes.

Therefore, the excellent Design of a PowerPoint presentation primarily serves the audience and readers. In addition, you as a presenter also benefit from a good design template for a presentation: It helps you develop an optimally structured presentation and thus to demonstrate your expertise on the topic.

Templates And Design Ideas For PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint offers you a large selection of designed templates and design ideas for presentations and slides. You can either paste the content straight into a prepared template or let PowerPoint suggest design ideas while working on your presentation. How to proceed:

Create A New Presentation From A Template

If you want to insert the contents of a presentation straight into an already designed template, go to File> New from Template in the menu and choose from the designed templates:

Add new slides in the selected theme by clicking File> new slide and then select a styled slide with appropriate outline structure:

Use PowerPoint Themes For Presentations

In addition to templates, you can also use themes in PowerPoint and view design ideas while you work on your presentation. First, choose a theme with coordinated colors, effects, backgrounds, and fonts. To do this, go to Design in the menu bar and click on a suitable design.

Once you have created the content for one or more slides, click Design Ideas on the ribbon. Microsoft PowerPoint now automatically generates design ideas based on the slide content and shows you design suggestions:

If you later want to change the background of your presentation, you can use PowerPoint’s suggestions here as well. For spicing up your PowerPoint presentation, you can add animations and effects or Insert audio files.

PowerPoint Presentation: Ideas And Design Templates From External Sites

The beginnings of PowerPoint go back to the 1980s. For software that has been around for so long and is so widespread and famous, there are accordingly many resources and templates, most of them free. First offers Microsoft more templates for PowerPoint presentations on its official website.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, look beyond the presentation design templates. There are many professionally designed templates for presentations in social media, tutorials and online training, and marketing and human resources. You get access to the Library automatically when you sign up for the use of Camtasia or Snagit Sign in. You can also benefit from other assets in the relevant libraries, such as stock photos, animations, GIFs, and MP4 films for creating presentations.

Why It Pays To Use Design Templates For Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are primarily used in a professional context and should be designed as professionally as possible. Your presentation slides should be well organized, especially if you use a presentation several times for lectures, as part of an online seminar or if you want to offer it for download in the long term. The layout, fonts, colors, effects, and backgrounds should all work well together—and that’s often the case with templates, which tend to be designed by design professionals.

However, a good design looks chic and takes into account the needs of the user: Sufficiently large font sizes, good contrasts, sensible slide structures, and slide structures. Also, legible fonts guarantee, among other things, good readability and usability.

Suppose you frequently use PowerPoint presentations for your company or different people in your company hold PowerPoint presentations. In that case, you should ensure that the PowerPoint slides are designed uniformly. It is worth creating and using a common PowerPoint template for this. It is usually elementary to adapt existing designs and, for example, insert a company logo, selected fonts, or a specific color scale.

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