Recording A Webinar

Recording A Webinar

Have you ever registered for a webinar that your colleagues might also find interesting? Would you like to record this webinar?

Recording a webinar will help you refresh what you’ve learned later or share exciting topics with colleagues. Today we will show you how to record a webinar live.

Step 1: Download A Screen Capture Tool

Use any relevant software, e.g., Snagit, to take pictures and videos. Download this program as a trial version first using the blue button below. After successful installation, Snagit will open automatically.

Step 2: Choose Your Capture Settings

Open a browser and navigate to your webinar. Then select the Video tab (1) in the Snagit Capture window.

Enable recording of system audio (2) and click on the red record button (3). Use the crosshairs to select the area of ​​the screen that you want to capture. You can correct the selection by dragging the handles inward or outward. If you’re going to watch the webinar in full screen, select the entire screen.

Make sure the System Audio icon is green. Then everything you hear from the speakers will be recorded.

If you also want to record your voice, enable the microphone audio button.

Step 3: Record The Webinar

Click the red record button when the webinar starts. Snagit will begin recording after a 3-second countdown.

During the webinar, you should not change your browser window or switch back and forth from one program to another. Click Stop to stop recording when the webinar is over.

You can also use hotkeys to control Snagit Recorder. On Windows, press Shift + F10 to stop recording and Shift + F9 to pause/resume. On a Mac, Control-Shift-V stops recording, and Control-Shift-Spacebar pauses/resumes.

After you finish recording, the webinar recording will appear in Snagit Editor.

Step 4: Edit And Save

In Snagit Editor, you can view the entire video, trim out unnecessary areas, and save screenshots from the video as an image file.

  • You can cut out unnecessary areas when you move the seek bar to the beginning of the section and drag the right red handle to the end of the section. Click Cut to remove the area.
  • You can save a frame from the video if you move the seek bar to where you want it and then click the PNG button. The image appears in the capture tray.

To save your webinar recording, click Share and choose one of the popular destinations from the list, such as YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can save your recording as an MP4 file locally on your computer with the File selection.

One Last Tip

Screen recording can reduce performance. Close all programs that are not required and possibly also temporarily reduce your screen’s resolution. This way, you avoid jerky or asynchronous recordings.

The webinar recording is a type of screen recording. You can also record video calls, Create learning and explanatory videos.

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