SASE And ZTNA: Ensuring Business Connectivity And Security

SASE And ZTNA: Ensuring Business Connectivity And Security

SASE ( Secure Access Service Edge ) technology in combination with the ZTNA ( Zero Trust Network Access ) model are breaking paradigms and offering new horizons to companies that seek to safeguard their operations and assets at all times. In this article, you will learn everything about these strategies that respond to the new ways of working and the technological challenges that the recent wave of digitization has brought with it.

In the last two years, decision makers left face-to-face work routines behind and promoted the digitization of their processes, based on the premise of maintaining and increasing the productivity of employees as a whole through the use of mobile devices.

Given this scenario , we refer to the term SASE, which was presented by Gartner in 2019 and which establishes a new vision of the network, security and the cloud, to carry out remote work.

It is a fact that this new proposal has met expectations, since productivity is not negatively affected, but it is a fact that remote work represents a series of technological challenges, such as providing connectivity to the workforce without matter where they are located and, at the same time, protect company assets from cyberattacks.

It is an architecture whose name stands for Secure Access Service Edge, for its acronym in English, which allows secure access by combining SD-WAN that controls access and security of the WAN through the cloud.

Among SASE’s security capabilities is the ability to identify confidential data or malware, as well as the ability to analyze content in real time and monitor risk levels in a session.

It also supports all types of perimeter and can serve remote offices, mobile users, and corporate networks.

In addition to this security architecture, the benefits of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) are added, a plan that complements SASE in a harmonious way, since under the motto “Never trust, always verify”, it proposes a series of principles for implement security in organizations within and, above all, outside of them.

An Excellent Combination To Ensure Remote Work

In this scenario where digital threats have increased in number and sophistication, companies find in this new technological strategy for perimeter security the ideal answer to carry out the new hybrid and remote work schemes, since, thanks to its capabilities, It enables total network security, as well as access to the cloud and connectivity that users need.

According to Gartner :

  • By 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit SASE adoption strategies and timelines that span user, branch, and edge access, up from 10% in 2020.
  • To deliver flexible and cost-effective scalable bandwidth, by 2023, 30% of enterprise locations will have Internet WAN connectivity, up from about 15% in 2020.

These predictions are the response to the trend of new hybrid work models that establish secure access for collaborators, regardless of where they carry out their functions.

Your Consolidation Into A Solution

SASE and Zero Trust are more than trending cybersecurity technologies and principles. Currently, this strategy is synonymous with cost reduction, centralization of operations, secure and flexible access, which is why it has established itself as the future of remote work.

Faced with the migration of the workforce in the new digital environment, we have developed Managed SASE, a solution that protects remote employees and provides the connectivity and cybersecurity they need.

Our solution incorporates different technologies and protection levels such as:

  • Content Filtering . Filtering of URL’s and DNS based on categories,
  • Firewall . Frontline defense in perimeter cybersecurity.
  • SD-WAN. Traffic balancing with a maximum of two WAN links by different parameters.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Authentication of users and devices that access the network.
  • Multiple factor authentication . Additional authentication protection.

Therefore, SASE Managed makes it possible to reduce complexity and consolidate cybersecurity functions in an efficient model as a managed service, offering access to the Internet and the Cloud in a scalable and secure manner, anytime, anywhere.

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