Speed, Availability And Coverage: The Keys To Achieving Ideal Connectivity

Speed, Availability And Coverage: The Keys To Achieving Ideal Connectivity

Currently, having an effective connectivity environment can ensure the future of organizations regardless of their line of business or size; For this reason, it is considered the great enabler to carry out daily work and operations.

Read on and discover the leading role that speed, availability and coverage assume, in a world where connectivity and mobile devices combine harmoniously. 

It is a bit ironic, the way in which the routine allows connectivity to be seen as something everyday, but so essential for users.  

The exchange of information that travels through mobile devices, enabled by an Internet connection, increases every second. Whether to make a query on the web, to make a video call, make a purchase or browse social networks; connectivity is a habit that is part of users and, above all, of the new generations.

The Digital 2021 Global Overview Report published by We are Social and Hootsuite in 2021 reveals the following data:

  • The number of connected mobile devices in the country is 115.4 million, which constitutes 89.1% of the population. 
  • Mexico has 92.01 million people connected to the internet. 
  • Mexicans spend 9 hours and 1 minute a day (on average), to connect from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, video game console and TV, among others). 
  • Although there are, increasingly, different ways to connect to the Internet, 95.9% of Mexicans prefer to use their mobile devices. 

These behaviors have continued their course in 2022, in addition to the fact that the digital user has developed new demands, referring to their internet browsing experience, which must be immediate , fast and intuitive .

Faced with these new challenges, connectivity must respond satisfactorily. Even more so, if it is a business environment. The same one that has changed their habits to specifically target the use of mobile devices in order to get work done, increase productivity and achieve business goals.  

Do I Return In Person? Ensuring Connectivity Comes First 

Now that organizations are returning to face-to-face or hybrid work schemes, business connectivity is more than essential for users to carry out their functions without inconvenience.  

In this sense, there are three factors that cannot be missing in a connection environment, if what is sought is its effectiveness and enhance it for the benefit of end users. 


One of the most notorious demands, as a result of the sudden digitization derived from recent years, is the immediacy of navigation.

Users need the network to which they connect to respond quickly, without interruptions and in an agile way.

Likewise, said connectivity must be reactive to the applications and platforms that support the collaborator. This is the only way to map out a long-term office work strategy. 


There is no experience more frustrating than low latency and, above all, experiencing fluctuations and low performance of connections between computers and servers.

A connection must have the ability to provide fast access to specific data or application servers. It is the only way to guarantee the best possible performance of that connection.

Connection availability is directly tied to network speed, because availability is calculated by dividing uptime by total time in any period. Which is key to guarantee the traffic of information and effective interaction between users.


At this point, wireless connections play a fundamental role. It is about establishing a connectivity that translates into mobility for users without the fear of suffering intermittence. “Anywhere, in any corner” is the most appropriate premise that defines network coverage. Same that must provide usability and comfort to the user with an impeccable service.

Now you know, combining these elements is the key to getting the most out of the connectivity of the environment of your interest. That is the formula to generate agility and productivity in your workforce.

All You Need Is Wireless Business Connection 

If you are determined to generate a connectivity environment that responds beyond your initial expectations. It is time for you to discover a service that is distinguished by sharing all the characteristics and particularities mentioned above.

The service is Wireless Business Connection , a solution that is part of our Essential Services portfolio. This provides access to the internet network through the IP protocol as a world standard, delivered through a Fixed Wireless Access

Using 4G/LTE access technology, this solution generates connection even in the most remote sites. In addition, it is distinguished by its easy implementation and profitability that will benefit your business. Wireless business connection adapts to any need, sector and the behavior of the end user

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