The Benefits Of Bumper Videos

The Benefits Of Bumper Videos

Every day more and more visual communication media are created because these media have a significant impact on the audience. Videos are excellent examples of this type of media. Videos can be easily customized and are ideal for conveying customized marketing messages. Today we show the advantages of so-called bumper videos.

What Are Bumper Videos?

Bumper videos are short (typically 10 seconds or less) video clips representing the video content. These bumper videos can be inserted at the beginning, middle or end of the video.

For example, as a marketing consultant, you could introduce your name, show your logo, and play some background music in the bumper clip. Want to create your bumper clips? We’ll show you how.

Instructions For Creating Bumper Videos

Step 1: Make A Concept

What do you want to communicate about your company or your product? Should music be included in the video? How long should your bumper clip be? The answers to these questions will help you create the right concept.

Step 2: Select The Content

Most bumper videos consist of three elements:

  • Your logo or a branding symbol
  • Graphic animation of that logo
  • Background music

If you Integrate music clips, you should find music that goes with the video content and make sure you have permission to use it. To save time, you can download ready-made animations for your bumper videos from the Internet.

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Step 3: Insert The Bumper Clips Into Your Videos

Video editing software like Camtasia or other software makes inserting the bumper clips easy. Sometimes there are also hosting sites that Insert bumper clips automatically, which only happens if you host all the videos on these sites most of the time. If you use video editing software to add the bumper clips to your videos, you should create the bumper clips first.

Step 4: Show Your Videos Online

Publish your videos on hosting sites like, YouTube, Wistia or other hosting services. It’s a good idea to create multiple bumper clips, and you can develop your branding and use different bumper clips in different video groups.

Step 5: Save The Video Bumper

Save your bumper videos to your device or network storage. In this way, the bumper clips can be easily found and integrated into other videos if required. That’s all.

Do you have ideas for bumper videos?

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