The CIO And Its Benefits In The IT Industry

The CIO And Its Benefits In The IT Industry

Every company has an internal structure that responds directly to a business strategy and this, in turn, is made up of a mission, a vision and strategic, operational and particular objectives of the organization.

As far as the IT industry is concerned, there is still the challenge of involving departments – both the commercial, administrative and executive area – with the technology. Faced with this need and with the current digital transformation current, the position of the CIO has become relevant to achieve such objectives.

Also known as the Director of Information Systems, this position used to focus on the more technical aspects of companies with technology resources. Today, it is a leadership position that combines IT know-how with strategic thinking that sets goals and objectives to meet the needs of its customers, internal and external.

Therefore, the importance given to this role in the new functional structures of the organizations will be the factor that will determine if the company will be able to transform itself successfully.

According to Forbes , 84% of companies do not succeed in this process because they neglect certain fundamental principles of the CIO.

Here are four reasons why a CIO role is a huge benefit in the IT industry:

Align The IT Area With The Needs Of The Company

As efficient as a CIO can be , his projects will only see the light of day if he has the support of the rest of the management positions. 

That is why the CIO needs to make his company aware of the advantages of adopting new technologies, in order to transform his department into a business investment center and not just an area that requires constant maintenance

Seek Innovation And Technological Growth

The business present is largely driven by technological disruption. In the face of such pronounced changes, it is the CIO who has the experience, sensitivity and good judgment to perceive the new resource that will put his company above the competition.

If something has become clear in business, it is that staying static is not an option, and it is precisely the lack of technological knowledge that prevents promising companies from exploiting their potential to the full

Develop IT Goals And Strategies

Even if the CIO is able to perceive new technological trends with ease, his vision must correspond to and benefit his own organization.

This requires planning that considers costs and implementation times, as well as the most urgent needs of the company. It might seem appealing to purchase a new data analytics and management package, but a CIO might realize that a project to protect the company’s information is a higher priority right now.

Motivate The IT Department

As much as IT teams work with the technological aspect, their members are individuals who require a leadership role that motivates them to deliver the best possible results and maintain high morale.

It is at that moment when a CIO knows that meeting periodically with his team, in groups and individually, nourishes his elements and directs them towards their development. In the same way, he knows how to listen to their needs, involves them in improving the company and allows them to communicate their opinions and concerns.

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