The Hybrid Cloud Is A Fundamental Axis In Digital Transformation

The Hybrid Cloud Is A Fundamental Axis In Digital Transformation

Are you thinking of focusing your strategy on a hybrid cloud model? In this article, you will find all the arguments you need to use the hybrid cloud in your favor, accelerating the digital transformation and continuity of your company.

Driven by providing the right technological tools to ensure the performance of their operations, decision-makers have chosen to use the cloud due to its scalability and functionality.

However, with the origin of new technologies and applications such as Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, among others, cloud technology evolved based on the unique technological needs that emerged in recent years, giving rise to the hybrid cloud, also known as multi-cloud.

Redefining The Cloud Based On Business

As the main background, we approach the cloud as a type of technology that hosts information that can be accessed remotely, a quality that provides it with various functionalities and that makes it unique in the market.

Over the years, this type of technology has evolved, adapting to the technological acceleration companies have had to carry out to ensure their survival

In the first relevant scenario of this evolution, we return to the public cloud, one of the most common types of cloud technology, which is characterized by using servers and storage owned by a service provider, which is also responsible for your administration. Public cloud services require users to have an Internet connection to access the information in question

On the other hand, the private cloud only uses resources from a particular organization, which can also be provided by a data center or a specialized service provider in the field. This quality defines the main difference between the public cloud

This is how the hybrid cloud arises, which combines public and private infrastructure to provide the performance that companies need to carry out their operations regardless of the complexity of their applications and reducing fluctuation problems and solving, from its adoption, the issues of scalability.

This is why the hybrid cloud provides the ideal ecosystem for companies to move towards the digitization and mobility that is required, mainly in the technological landscape that COVID-19 brought with it, where remote or hybrid work is a necessity and the need for the right technology with high scalability and low costs to carry it out.

So much so that IDC Latin America analysts point out in their document “The path to hybrid cloud in business innovation”, that 43% of companies currently have a hybrid cloud strategy in place and have plans to expand it in the short term. term

How To Make Hybrid Cloud Part Of The Business Model?

By focusing on the hybrid cloud in the strategy of companies, innumerable advantages can be glimpsed, among which the following stand out:

  • High availability, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Latency minimization
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Greater security
  • High performance
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • improve productivity

Now you know that optimizing your resources and having superior technology to ensure the survival of your business is in your hands.

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