The Importance Of Taking Your Applications To The Cloud

The Importance Of Taking Your Applications To The Cloud

The cloud is one of the most convenient solutions for companies today, since with it it is much easier to store data and access information remotely. This facilitates many work activities without the need to be in the office or use company equipment.

But in addition to these benefits, the cloud also offers an incredible solution that not everyone knows about: cloud applications. By moving your applications, programs and software to the cloud, it is much easier for your employees to continue working productively while taking advantage of the full potential of this technology.

Before discussing the benefits, it is first important to know how this service works. You may have heard of Software As a Service or SaaS solutions. These services are cloud solutions of applications or programs that previously had to be installed on a computer in order to use them. An example is Office 365 , traditionally people can purchase this program to install it on their device, but the new modality that has become popular is that the service is used online through the cloud and that all operations are carried out there. This makes it possible for people to work from any computer without worrying about software being installed.

This can also be done with your company’s own programs and solutions and is not limited to external services, whether it is information, data or design management programs, any solution can migrate to the cloud to make it a more practical and functional service.

The first benefit is time and cost savings. Installing an application on each computer can take a lot of time and a constantly working team of technicians, adding significantly to operating costs. Therefore, by having your programs in the cloud, just accessing the program through the Internet will be more than enough to use them, without requiring it to be installed on your personal computer.

Having your applications installed only on your company’s devices makes it almost impossible to work remotely in critical situations. If you can only consult your CRM or ERP from the office, what will happen when an unexpected situation occurs? Having your solutions in the cloud will keep your collaborators working productively no matter where they are.

A third benefit is the scalability of the services, in addition to being cheaper and easier to manage, working with your applications in the cloud allows you to modify the size of your solutions. If your company grows in number of employees, with cloud solutions it is quite easy to extend the scope of your services, saving time and money.

Since we discussed the benefits of these solutions, there is no reason for your company to be left out of the digital transformation processes and adopt new cloud-based solutions. Going beyond just storing data is the future of new digital strategies, so you need to be prepared.

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