The Secret To A Successful Online Sales Strategy

The Secret To A Successful Online Sales Strategy

In the current world context marked by social distancing, electronic commerce has been one of the great allies to satisfy the acquisition of goods. Until recently, e-commerce in Mexico still generated mistrust among users, especially because the shopping experience was not the same as in a physical store. In addition, customers were reluctant to provide their bank details on the Internet and for this reason, making transactions from devices was an impossibility

This distrust, fortunately, has been reduced thanks to the robust digital and security ecosystems that online shopping sites have today. In a way, the pandemic also led to increased adoption; Many of those who, prior to 2020, felt insecure about online sales, had to go online shopping due to the closure of physical stores.

Whether to stay afloat or to increase their income, more and more companies are jumping into the digitalization era faster than planned, which drives us as a country to climb positions in the world of connectivity. In 2020 alone, according to data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales, e-commerce increased by 81% compared to the previous year.

Thus, the question that many will have is: what is the secret to a successful online sales strategy? How does the digital ecosystem work, from the time the customer clicks the purchase button, until they receive their product at home?

It’s not as easy as just creating a web page; e-commerce involves multiple digital processes that are activated even before users add items to their shopping cart. Through cloud technology, artificial intelligence and automation, products arrive at buyers’ homes. Existing digital solutions allow to confirm availability or non-existence in real time, secure and track shipments with digital padlocks, from the moment they leave their warehouses, until they reach the final point in an automatic and interconnected way.

And most importantly, nothing gives customers more peace of mind than a secure payment method. Behind the payment methods there are multiple anti-fraud security filters that validate transactions in seconds; Algorithms assign each purchase a unique tracking number. After encryption systems, two-step verification and even geolocation, it can be ensured that the person making the purchase is the true owner of the account.

Now, there will be those who, after multiple guarantees and international certificates of personal data security, still feel distrust in digital payments. For them, technology has managed to combine the security of a physical payment with the immediacy and convenience of a virtual order. Today there are multiple payment methods that, no matter when and where they are made, are automatically updated in the system.

This is how security in both physical and virtual stores comes first. In the specific digital context, in any transaction, endless sensitive data is handled which, if leaked, leads to million-dollar losses and a general mistrust of a company. Secure databases and strong codes are needed to shield the operation from any attack; when it comes to cybersecurity, the best offense is defense.

In this time of uncertainty, the need for digitization is latent. The later a company goes digital, the more complicated the change will be; technology continues to advance with incredible speed. The secret to successful store digitization and the most effective strategy is to ally yourself with the experts. Through outsourcing, a company can access the most advanced technologies and modernize its processes more easily at a lower cost.

In this transformation process, it is very valuable to have the support of a digital ally.  Through a highly trained team and cutting-edge technologies, inventory traceability and payment security are guaranteed. Likewise, multiple solutions are concentrated to transform any challenge into an opportunity

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