This Is How The Future Cyberattacks Will Be.

This Is How The Future Cyberattacks Will Be.

The evolution in technology will also mean the development of much more resistant malware than the ones we have seen in recent months.

98% of emails from public bodies are vulnerable to possible identity theft. Cybersecurity experts have explained what they think is the future malware.

Advancement in the technology sector also implies creating malware more sophisticated, invisible and difficult to detect. Fortunately, cybersecurity experts study how these threats evolve to anticipate and develop tools to protect against them. Antonio Fernandes, responsible for cybersecurity in a company in northwestern Spain, has commented that he believes that there will be “specialization by sectors to cover more clients.”

According to Fernandes, the future malware will be characterized by only attacking industries, governments and political parties. In this way, the expert believes that they will be able to “get more out of time and effort.” The head of cybersecurity explains that the safest attacks they will seek to “favour certain economic interests according to the needs of the market”.

On the other hand, the security researcher at ESET Josep Albors confesses that it is impossible to predict what the future malware will be like. However, he emphasizes how it has evolved to date; he says we have seen how criminals have adapted to techniques used for years to perfect them and ensure that they remain effective.

For this reason, Albors predicts that malware will continue to become increasingly sophisticated, as it has been happening until now. He warns that the problem is that even criminals with less technical skills are going to pose a significant problem for all those companies that do not improve their security.

Martínez believes that the malware of the future will continue to consider actions of social engineering, active attacks on outdated, mis programmed systems, and the exploitation of vulnerabilities of type 0-Day, to which a cybercriminal can access. According to the expert, these techniques will continue to be used because of profitability. He explains that after a few operations of theft and encryption of information asking for monetary ransoms in exchange, both for the recovery of the information and for the non-publication of it, the criminals can get more money than invested.

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