Using TikTok As A Marketing Tool

Using TikTok As A Marketing Tool

Influencer Marketing

One of the hottest new platforms on the internet, TikTok is a new vertical-view video format that is becoming an increasingly popular way for creative brands to reach a new audience. By leveraging this platform to deliver unique content, brands can unlock greater marketing returns.

TikTok allows brands to reach influencers by offering them product or compensation in exchange for their endorsement. Creating a campaign brief is essential to ensure the best results. It should be as brief as possible, but should clearly spell out all the terms and guidelines of the campaign. Identify your KPIs and set specific goals for each campaign.

Video-Centric Sharing Social Media Platform

Tiktok is a video-centric social media platform that offers a new way to share videos. Users can record and upload videos right in the app, or upload a video from an external source. Videos can range in length from a few seconds to over 10 minutes. The app also allows users to discover videos by track link. They can then browse clips that use the same song. If the song is popular, the video is more likely to trend and be viewed.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, which acquired Musical.y in 2017. Users are free to edit and share videos. Videos can be liked, commented on, and downloaded. Users can browse content from three feeds, and the algorithm helps them find videos that are interesting and shareable.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a percentage that shows how much your audience engages with your videos. A high engagement rate indicates valuable content, brand awareness, and a healthy community around that content. Similarly, a low engagement rate means your video is not interesting enough to entice viewers. Conversely, a high engagement rate indicates that your video is interesting enough to get a lot of views.

TikTok has been gaining popularity in recent months. As of January 2019, it has over 850 million active users. This growth is astonishing for a new social media platform, especially for marketers. It sits side-by-side with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp, making it a great place to use for marketing campaigns. Since TikTok is so popular, it makes sense to focus your efforts on using it to its fullest. With millions of active users and a high engagement rate, it can be a great tool for brand awareness and profit-building.

Localization Options

One way to maximize your engagement with TikTok is to localize your content. This marketing technique has been used by successful brands to reach their target audiences. It is particularly effective for branded content, as the platform’s algorithms understand the content and show it to people who are interested in what you have to offer. One key to localizing your content is to ensure that it is unique to the region it is being used in.

TikTok also offers a feature called Branded Effects. This enables businesses to place images of their product on a TikTok video. Brands can also customize these ads with filters and stickers to increase brand awareness. For example, Not Okay Movie used Branded Effects to create a game that users can play on the platform. Over two thousand people played it, which led to a large number of UGC videos.


Companies can use TikTok as a marketing tool by creating authentic content and engaging the audience. By investing in content creation, companies can increase brand loyalty and extend their reach and engagement. While there is no guarantee that content will go viral, creating engaging content is an effective way to increase engagement and attract more followers.

TikTok has a primarily young audience, which makes it a good fit for a brand that is trying to connect with this age group. Since TikTok is a video-centric social media platform, authenticity is key. The younger generation is looking for relatable content and humor.

Brands That Have Found Success On TikTok

Chipotle, a fast-casual restaurant, is one of the brands on TikTok that has gained huge popularity. Though the brand is fairly new to the app, it has already racked up over 4 billion views in the app. One of its viral campaigns involves singing chips.

Many brands are making the most of TikTok to increase organic reach, drive meaningful traffic and share their brand personality. While some have been on the app since its inception, others have been using the app more recently. Some of them have also found success using influencers and brand fans to leverage the platform.

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