The New Value Of Video Conferences In The Commercial Sector

The New Value Of Video Conferences In The Commercial Sector

Do you know what is better than providing instant answers and engaging in real-time dialogue with your customers? Face to face, and in such a way that distance is not an obstacle to ensuring good care. For this reason, video conferencing solutions have again positioned themselves as more than a feasible tool in the commercial sector.

Until recently, videoconferencing was not as highly valued as a technology with a long history of existence, in addition to other means such as instant and persistent messaging. But, thanks to the pandemic, this tool found the opportunity to reinvent itself and become the principal resource to maintain permanent communication. It was not only limited to the business sector but also to society itself.

Preserving the advantage of being carried out virtually, in real-time, and with the ability to integrate video, audio, and text, video conferences have turned out to be the protagonists in the business sector. The leaders were looking for solutions to maintain solid and continuous communication with their work team, as well as with their suppliers and external clients.

Supported by increasingly sophisticated physical equipment and with functionalities that refer to digital innovation, video conferences have evolved. In addition, they constantly offer a viable and consistent response to the new demands of users, who need permanent connectivity and personalized conversations, even if physical distance is involved.

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Redefining The Customer Experience: The Best Bet

As a result of digitization, customers have become increasingly demanding, putting your comfort and health first while ensuring your satisfaction in each of your business transactions. This is when video calls work as the ideal tool since it is a vision where the company and the consumer benefit.

Imagine the following hypothetical case. The manager of a logistics warehouse dedicated to medicines needs to place surveillance cameras in the branch due to recent shortages; however, he cannot neglect the operation and does not have time to go to the store to choose the cameras himself. So, he decides to request a video conference with the seller to finalize his purchase, which translates into benefits for both parties.

  • The consumer does not expose his health since he does not physically go to the store. Get the care you need with the ability to view options and ask questions to learn the specifications of each item and the implications and policies of your purchase. These elements guarantee your purchase satisfaction and drastically reduce the possibility of returns.
  • For his part, the seller eliminates the risk of contracting diseases from a new physical visit. He knows his client better because he can see his expressions and degree of satisfaction with the attention he receives at each moment of the transaction. Learning more about the client’s needs through his facial and body gestures is possible.
  • As a first conclusion of this case, we find that offering the customer a fluid and simple experience is imperative in the new reality. Today, devices dominate, and actions that used to be done traditionally are now done virtually. And this is only achieved through tools such as videoconferencing, which makes it easier for the seller to carry out their work and respond to new virtual needs efficiently and satisfactorily.
  • For the commerce sector and, in relation to operations between companies, the video conference has the same utility. It is enough to schedule a meeting to carry out virtual and interactive meetings so that the participants, suppliers, and clients integrate in a human and close way, ensuring that distance or the intervention of electronic devices does not impede reaching productive agreements.
  • On the other hand, customer service has leaned towards personalized attention. According to OnePoll of Silicon Valley Bank, when something goes wrong with an order, most consumers prefer to respond directly to an authority or personnel through digital channels when resolving a customer service grievance. Thus, video conference is the right solution to guide the client and offer them a more personal and visual form of contact.

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