Virtual Reality: Future And Current State

Virtual Reality: Future And Current State

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is known as the set of computer techniques that allow creating images and simulated spaces in which a person, through a visual device (VR glasses), experiences the sensation of being and being able to function within them.

It is an environment of scenes or simulated objects with a realistic appearance generated by computer technology that produces the user’s sensation of being immersed in said environment.

It can also be defined as the computer system that generates representations of reality in real-time and consists of the user’s immersion in a completely synthetic world caused by the computer.

We can put more examples of this type of technology in very diverse fields such as medicine, video games, cinema, etc. And it is that virtual reality is already a reality – redundancy is worth it – and promises to have many more applications in the future. Do you want to know what virtual reality will be like in the future? Here we tell you everything!

The Current State Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has long exploded and become a new technology that amazed the world for the myriad of surprising applications it could have for many sectors.

Until recently, that virtual reality was only available to a few and had even prohibitive prices for the majority is now increasingly present in different areas. Some people can now recreate an imaginary world in their living room.

In a quarter of a century, this technology has advanced very quickly and has spread to a wide variety of sectors. Let’s see some examples:

  • Prevention of occupational hazards. Virtual reality allows users to put themselves in a specific situation and evaluate the risks they run in their workplace, correcting deficiencies.
  • Engineering. Virtual reality helps to recreate projects, models, designs, buildings, cars, and many other elements that allow you to see the user with higher resolution the final result before even starting to build it.
  • Education. With virtual reality games and activities, children understand certain subjects more fun.
  • Real estate. It is one of the sectors in which virtual reality has been the strongest. Still haven’t seen what your next home will look like in 360 degrees?
  • Automotive. As with houses, seeing what a car will look like in virtual reality helps optimize its build, correct errors and detect missing parts.
  • Marketing. Communication goes hand in hand with virtual reality to create experiences, test products, and innovative advertising strategies.

Future Uses And Applications Of Virtual Reality

Automotive, marketing, video games, cinema, education. Virtual reality already has many applications in today’s world. Still, it offers so many possibilities and is growing so fast that future uses of virtual reality may be just around the corner.

Given that there are more and more applications of this technology in such diverse fields, it is worth wondering how far this system can go. Some say that virtual reality will do with the internet what it did with paper newspapers, although for now, it seems that their coexistence is bearable.

It is difficult to know where the shots will go regarding technology since progress is so rapid that forecasting can be frustrating or fall short. With this in mind, what can we expect for the future of virtual reality?

  • Medicine. The health field is one of the most benefited by the advancement of technology and virtual reality, which is already applied experimentally (for example, in the therapeutic area). It could be implemented as one more medical resource. For instance, healthcare professionals can simulate a complex operation before carrying it out.
  • Industry. This technology can help to optimize tasks and perform them in a more precise way thanks to the creation and simulation processes that virtual reality allows to generate.
  • Education. Currently, virtual reality has little implantation, but it can be instrumental in this sector. For example, what would it be like for children with mobility problems to have a teacher at home?

These are just some examples of what virtual reality will do in the future, although it may be closer than we think.

The Following Are Virtual Reality Games

One of the most common virtual reality applications is in the video game sector. This technology is allowing to create new experiences for users. The world of entertainment is the one that has best introduced this technological system.

With virtual reality glasses, such as the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR, this sector has entered another dimension and never better said.

Feeling part of a horror video game or the superhero of an adventure is another attraction for consumers of this type of entertainment.

Are you one of those virtual reality video game users? Well, here is some upcoming news to make the most of the experience:

  • The Lighthouse – VR Escape Room: It is an action and horror video game in the first person for virtual reality on the computer, very much in the escape room style.
  • Project Boundary: It is a virtual reality video game for both computers and PS4 that takes place in the first person (in the end, this is the main attraction of this type of game).
  • Firmament: It is a virtual reality computer video game that allows the user to unravel mysteries of a magical world full of enigmas.

The future of virtual reality games is not so distant anymore. As you can see, it is a reality that more and more users can enjoy thanks to the meteoric advance of this type of technology, which for many areas can mean a before and after given the benefits it offers.

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